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Get Creative with Sharpie Bus at San Diego Comic-Con 2024

Sharpies are one of the must-have items on almost every San Diego Comic-Con attendee’s checklist. After all, they’re perfect for snagging an autograph for a surprise encounter with a celebrity, or even for doodling while killing time waiting in time.

But this year, Sharpies will take on an even bigger role in the world of San Diego Comic-Con, as the brand unveiled they’re they’ll be bringing their Sharpie Bus to the convention this year as part of their “The World is Your Canvas” tour.

The Sharpie Bus will be hitting eight stops in the U.S. this year, to celebrate letting loose your creative side. Visitors to the bus will be able to test out the new Sharpie Creative Markers (as well as take home free samples, available in both brush and bullet tips). You can try out the new marker (which comes in 12 colors) during your visit on a variety of surfaces, including both black and white paper, wood, metal, acrylic, and tile.

They’ll also have iconic products from Sharpie’s 60 years of history, to showcase how Sharpie has brought innovation to the writing category for the last six decades.

While there’s no word yet on where at San Diego Comic-Con the bus will be located, we think the odds are very high for it to be part the Petco Interactive Zone.

The full list of tour stops includes:

  • Main Street Arts Festival (April 18-21) — Fort Worth, Texas
  • Gov Ball Music Fest (June 7-9) – New York, New York
  • Art Battle (July 4-6) – Chicago, Illinois
  • Ann Arbor Art Festival (July 18-20) – Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Comic Con (July 25-28) – San Diego, California
  • Art Prize (Sept. 13-15) – Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Krewe of Boo (Oct. 19) – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Art Basel (Dec. 6-8) – Miami, Florida
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