Adult Swim’s “Common Side Effects” Heading to San Diego Comic-Con 2024

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news, we’ve got a bad case of… San Diego Comic-Con news. Adult Swim and Max half-hour animated comedy Common Side Effects will be heading to the con, according to the Great Debates podcast account, which features Common Side Effects co-creator Steve Hely and voice actor Dave King as co-hosts.

The account took to Twitter to confirm that the series will be at the convention for a special premiere on Friday, July 26. It’s unclear if this will be a panel or an actual offsite “event”.

The series was created by Hely and Joe Bennett, and is executive produced by King of the Hill creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels. It follows former high school lab partners Marshall and Frances, who begin to unravel a conspiracy involving big pharma and the federal government to suppress knowledge of a rare mushroom that may hold the key to curing all the world’s diseases.

This is the second Warner Bros. animated series in as many days to get a confirm that it’s appearing at the convention, joining Jellystone!

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