Funkoville Plans Taking Flight at San Diego Comic-Con

Please remain seated, and have a safe flight.

Get ready to take flight at San Diego Comic-Con with Funkoville International Airport, the theme for this year’s “corner” of the show floor. IGN revealed today that fans will be able to step into the “airport” which will include stops at Funko #5341, Pop! Yourself #5045, Loungefly #5145, Mondo #5137, and Funko Fusion #5137.

[UPDATE] Funko has confirmed that while Funko proper and Mondo will require a reservation (Funko will require advanced reservations, presumably through the lottery; Mondo will hand out time slots manually), Loungefly will not.


Expect delays at Pop! Yourself, because it’s sure to be one of the busiest places on the show floor, as fans will be able to create their own, personalized Funko Pop! figures, with exclusive accessories inspired by Marvel Studios’ Deadpool & Wolverine film. Fans will receive a character body and two additional accessories, as well as exclusive Comic-Con packaging for the figure and a “buddy” collectible. The accessories to choose from include a Deadpool VIP lanyard and a TVA inspired device.

Fans will be able to line up daily for the experience.

The experience will cost $50, and there will also be an online version starting Wednesday, July 24. Those at home will be able to purchase a $20 limited edition “attach pack” to cosplay their Funko Pop! as either Deadpool or Wolverine alongside the standard $30 Pop! Yourself collectible.

The Funko Fusion booth will allow fans to demo the upcoming game and spin a wheel for prizes.

Fans will also be able to purchase a Funko Passport book for $5 at the Funko Passport Station, and collect exclusive stamps from the various booths.



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