Her Universe Shows Off Fashion Collection Coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2024 [UPDATE June 16]

[UPDATE June 16]

We’re going to be completely honest — as much as we like Her Universe, the fashion label founded by Star Wars Rebels actress Ashley Eckstein, we don’t entirely understand their San Diego Comic-Con collection this year.

First, they brought this year’s two styles from their upcoming collection to Dallas Fan Expo earlier this month, for Star Wars and Star Trek. Fans at the show could purchase both pieces.

Then at Fan Expo Boston this weekend, fans could shop new X-Men and Star Wars pieces, also part of their San Diego Comic-Con collection. We’re assuming San Diego Comic-Con is just where the full collection will be available, and they’re just allowing fans to purchase select pieces early, but it’s certainly different.


Her Universe, the fashion company founded by Star Wars Rebels actress Ashley Eckstein, is on hand at WonderCon this weekend, and they’ve got plenty to show off to attendees.

Each year at San Diego Comic-Con, Her Universe hosts a Fashion Show, uniting the worlds of fandom and fashion. This year’s event will take place on Thursday, July 25 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel. This year’s competition will be sponsored by Mattel and celebrate 65 years of Barbie, but competitors’ designs can be inspired by any fandom of their choosing.

Competitors compete for the opportunity to design a new collection in collaboration with Her Universe, and today, Her Universe showed off some of the upcoming collection from last year’s winners, Rachel Petterson and Raeven K.

Up first, they gave a sneak peek of a Star Wars collection which will be heading to the con, which features a reversible light side/dark side dress, as well as an Ahsoka zip pullover with die cast lightsaber cord pulls.

They also showed off an X-Men collection heading to the con, which features a Xavier’s Universeity varsity jacket and Storm inspired jacket, in which the lightning bolts form an X.


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