Nerds Nest Collectibles Announces Troma San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusive

Nerds Nest Collectibles is a family-owned small business dedicated to creating beloved toys, that are often reminiscent of the ones you loved as a child. This year, they’ll be at Booth #1533, where they have partnered with Troma Entertainment for a deadly exclusive.

Troma Entertainment, founded in 1974 by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, has created some of the most twisted cult classics of the last 40+ years, including 1984’s The Toxic Avenger.

For San Diego Comic-Con this year, Nerds Nest Collectibles and Troma have teamed up to bring you Toxie, the hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength from that 1984 film. Toxie is available for the first time as a 12″ soft vinyl, and features clear green soft vinyl and glows in the dark for extra toxicity.

The new figure is inspired by both the original 90’s cartoon and the original 90’s toy line from Kaufman and Herz, with fun retro details, as well as a removable mop. It’s limited to just 75 pieces and will be available for $149.

There will also be a limited number available online beginning Thursday, July 26.

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