San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Badges Revealed

It’s the #1 question we’re asked every year… “When will badges ship?”

And the answer is either “they already have” or “very soon”, as badges have started to hit mailboxes. Just like in previous years, attendees receive their badges first, with Pros/Press receiving their badges later. To view your shipping status, you can login to your Member IDs to get tracking details on your badge. Note that though the tracking number is USPS.

As a reminder, don’t forget to cover up your name when you share your badge. In years past, people’s photos with their name showing have been taken from social and used as the photo to sell fake badges on ebay or Craigslist. If Comic-Con International sees that listing and it’s your name on it, you will likely be banned, with no recourse. It’s happened many, many times. So be safe, and cover it.

This year’s badge design is for Paramount+, and it’s exactly what Comic-Con International posted last week, without a particular show featured. @CCBlinkyBlinks shared on Twitter the first photo of the season:

There are no badge boxes again this year, with badges arriving in plain manilla envelopes. You will still be able to pick-up your books, lanyard, and bag in the Sails Pavilion on-site.

Here’s a cleaner look at the artwork:

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