SHAG San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives, Signings

SHAG, otherwise known as artist Josh Agle, has been bringing his distinct style to San Diego Comic-Con for years. His creations feature bright colors with simple lines, for a fun, mid-century style, that he’s used his signature style to give his take on properties like Disney’s Haunted MansionBatman, and more.

This year for San Diego Comic-Con, you’ll find his items at the SHAG Store at Booth #3920 where you’ll be able to pick up several exclusive debuts and even meet the artist himself.

SHAG’s first debut will send you right down the rabbit hole. Impassable Things is a 16 color silk screened fine art print inspired by Alice in Wonderland‘s fantastical adventures.

Also debuting at San Diego Comic-Con, The Birds of Wonderland are fine art prints on wood featuring whimsical birds enjoying a cocktail. Each print is limited to 200 copies. Sold individually, but of course, drinks are always better with friends!

Fans should also make plans to stop by Booth #3920 where artist Josh “SHAG” Agle will be appearing each day. Catch him Wednesday from 7pm-8pm and on Thursday through Sunday from 2pm-3pm each day.


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