Under The Tents 2024: Big Clutch, Bill Morrison, Monkey Minion, Butts on Things

Welcome San Diego Comic-Con Attendees! It is ONE MONTH until Preview Night, and that means we have officially arrived at Panic Station. Please stay behind the yellow line at all times and refrain from throwing trash onto the tracks. Once you are aboard, please move down the carriage and do not lean against the doors. We will be underway shortly, with our first stop being Exclusives Announcements Station, followed by Some Panel News Station, and terminating at “OMG! ONE MONTH! There’s Way Too Much News Yet To Come, How Will We Ever Survive?!?!” Station. Please enjoy your journey.

Let’s get on our way then shall we?

  • Comic book artist, writer, and publisher Bill Morrison will be offering comics, prints, original art and even commissions over at Booth #I-05 during Comic-Con. If your collection of Radioactive Man comics is still unsigned, this is the year to remedy that. (And yes, you can bring *that* cover of the Little Mermaid VHS that you’ve been holding on to because Morrison did that too!)

  • Nan Hockin? More like Nan KNOCKING, because she’s been knocking it outta the park with all the originals she has been creating for San Diego Comic-Con. With some Star Trek and Alice in Wonderland plus some sweet and spooky ladies, she’ll have something for everyone at Booth #F-11.

  • We are one week out from Chris Maze announcing all his SDCC exclusives, but he’s been peppering in some very fun original pieces that he’ll have at his Booth #2103. This one is a wholly original character design of mixed media that will come framed.
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  • Someone else who’s been working hard at the drawing board is Robert McKeone of “Bob Draws Stuff.” Over on Instagram he posted a work-in-progress of Rajah from Aladdin. We’re gonna go rub our genie lamp and make a wish that McKeone finishes this one in time for Comic-Con.
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  • A few more cosplay group photo shoots have recently popped up on Facebook. You’ll want to follow these events if you’re interested as locations, dates, and times are yet to be revealed.
  • Writer and director of Space Command Redemption, Marc Scott Zicree, recently spoke with Skewed & Reviewed and revealed that a panel with new footage would be shown at San Diego Comic-Con. We won’t have full details until two weeks before the convention, but this is enough information to get us excited.

  • He’s super, but he’s no hero. The cover of Whilce Portacio’s upcoming sketchbook has been revealed and it’s putting out some maximum effort vibes with a fully decked out Deadpool. You’ll be able to find this large format 36 page sketchbook at Comic-Con where it will be limited to 500 copies. 
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  • You better start warming up so you don’t sound pitchy during the California Browncoats Dr. Horrible & the Horrible Karaoke Party. Watch for confirmation of date and time but until then, pick up your hairbrush, and belt out a few tunes.

  • Yesterday’s coveted daily heart pins are making a comeback in 2024. In fact, don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years. This year you’ll be chasing four styles, one each day from Thursday to Sunday at Booth #1028. 

  • Right now this lady is riding across the desert on a horse with no name, but hopefully soon Dane Ault from Monkey Minion will fill us in on all the details of this work in progress.

Anyone want to see a WIP sneak peek of what I’m working on for SDCC?

[image or embed]

— Dane. You know the one. (@monkeyminion.bsky.social) Jun 23, 2024 at 12:08 AM

  • Ready for multiple Variants? No, not the kind you need to call the T.V.A. about (ya snitch!) but the kind of cool covers that Shawn “Big Clutch” Kirkham will be bringing to San Diego Comic-Con. Titles include Scarlett and Destro by legendary Dave Dorman, Void Rivals and Transformers by new-comer 9monkeys, and a fancy foil Witchblade cover by Marc Silvestri. Kirkham says you’ll be able to get these at the show, but has not yet revealed booth information. We’re standing by!

  • Comic book artist Rags Morales just posted on Facebook that he will be attending SDCC with the boys from Coheed & Cambria. Find him, and them at Booth #1730.

  • 🎶We like butts on things and we cannot lie, you other attendees can’t deny, that when you see the cute stuff from Butts On Things you get sprung! 🎶 Brian Cook is bringing back Butts On Things and we are shaking our rump in anticipation.
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  • And lastly today, “Patience Yields Focus” and Jin Yung Kim (JYK All Day) has been focusing on this Voltron artwork that he is hoping to finish in time for San Diego Comic-Con.

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