Under the Tents 2024: Nifty Neuron, Dan Veesenmeyer, Ryan Ottley, Nan Hockin, Danny Schlitzkus

🎵 “F.R.I.D.A.Y. F.R.I.D.A.Y. Friiiiiday. Friiiiiday. My favorite day of the week. My favorite day of the week.” 🎵 Anyone else a former chorus kid who sang that every Friday for a warm up? Just me? I must admit that this post was started on Friday, but then technological issues caused a complete erase right when I was about to finish, and now it’s early Saturday morning, so it’s been a true labor of love, but, I digress. … It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours and we already have another roundup of news that you may have missed from Nan Hockin, Nifty Neuron, and Dan Veesenmeyer to name a few. With this much news, it’s definitely almost time for the Con!

Here’s a look at what you may have missed: 

  • Mutant who is known for their awesome vinyl and poster art announced that they will be at the Con this year at booth 616. Stop by for some very unique pieces.
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  • Nan Hockin announced that she will have bins of her original art available for purchase. Some pieces are previous prints that have been discontinued. Stop by to get something for yourself or for a friend at prices ranging from $8-$40.
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  • Whovians are going to really enjoy this one. Sandro Monetti announced that he will be moderating a panel “The Future of Doctor Who: Share your views with the Experts”. This panel will allow fans to express their views about the current series. It’s sure to be a fun panel when you get a room full of fans together to discuss their favorite topic.
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  • Top Shelf Comics has unveiled two brand new covers to join the rest of their SDCC lineup. One cover features “Why Not Willie vs Deadpooh” by Erik Elizarrez, and the other is a homage to the classic SNES game Punch Out that features Why Not Willie against either Mike Tyson or Jake Paul made by Iguanadon Design. In addition to these covers, there will also be secret variants available. Make sure to stop by their booth to get one of your own.
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  • Female representation and empowerment is so important in today’s culture, and Ghezal Omar, the first Afghan-American graphic novelist, is back this year to debut sequels to her action-packed, girl-power graphic novels. Fans will be able to pick up copies of Pimp Killer 2: Made in America and .357 Magnum Opus 2: The Golden Suicides at her Artist Alley Booth #FF-10.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! announced that they will be attending the show this year at Konami’s Booth #3713. Fans will be able to demo games, learn how to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game, create a custom Token card, and even have the chance to Duel the Master. While supplies last, attendees will be able to purchase the Limited Edition Convention Game Mat. All attendees who take demos will have a chance to win some awesome prizes.
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  • Unknown Comics is back again with two more variant covers that will be debuting. The first from Dave Dorman is for Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees #1. The second Phoenix #1 comes from Nathan Szerdy featuring a fiery Jean Grey. You will be able to choose from the standard Phoenix Force or the classic Marvel Girl Design.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are always a classic, whether you’re new to the franchise or if you’ve been a long time fan and it makes you feel nostalgic about your childhood. Davis Rider shared his artwork of Raphael for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 comic that will be releasing as an exclusive.

  • Candy Digital best known for their sports and entertainment digital collectibles announced that they will be attending the show this year.

  • Violence and Pogo Sticks aren’t normally a combination I would think of together, but that didn’t stop artist Ryan Ottley. He will be debuting his 75-page fourth “Violence” series book titled Violence & Pogo Sticks during the convention at Booth #4901. Stop by and pick up a copy for yourself, but don’t get too violent trying to get there.

  • Doomlings, a fun card game for the end of the world, has partnered with CGC cards, the leader in the certification of pop culture collectibles. CGC will offer an exclusive special edition holofoil Doomlings card when attendees stop by Booth #4315 and drop off other Doomlings cards to be graded.

  • Indie Horror fans, I have the perfect panel for you. “The Future is Fright: The Indie HorrorComic Explosion” will take place at 6pm on Thursday, July 25th in Room 28DE. Panelists include Jim Ousley, Bill Field, Sandy King Carpenter, Justin Beahm, Scott Chitwood, and Mel Smith. Come and join for all things horror!

  • Chris Maze is back again with another amazing piece featuring a profile of Baylan Skoll from Ashoka. This is a 5″x5″ one of one mixed media original on gray toned paper. Stop by his Booth #2103 to hopefully be the lucky one to snag this piece (price TBA).

  • Nifty Neuron who always has amazing crochet creations announced their return to the Con this year with an adorable crocheted Deadpool. Be the first to find him and he could be yours! Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Twitter to see the lineup for other things and updated rules for the crochet drop.
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  • Shawn Kirkham teased that he and eBay would have a first look at GI Joe #1 Ashcan Spot Foil Logo series that will be available at SDCC and also on eBay live, limited to 1000 pieces. After Skybound announced the return of GI Joe, this is sure to be a big hit.

  • X-Men ’97 fans will love this tease that Dan Veesenmeyer shared. This new print features the characters from the show in eye popping colors. More details and full reveal to come later.

  • Glass Cannon Games announced that they will be at the show with demos of Dying Light:The Board Game and Don’t Starve: The Board Game. Also for the first time ever they will be hosting a tournament for Apex Legends: The Board Game. You can find them on the Mezzanine level in Rooms 14AB/15AB. Be sure to check them out and get your game on.

  • Warren Montgomery, artist, writer, and publisher best known for Lightning Marval and John Kirby: Firefox, will be appearing at the con at Booth #2102 .
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  • Jeff Pina will have brand new, hand drawn, one of a kind sketch covers exclusive for SDCC in many of our favorite fandoms including Disney, Star Trek, Transformers, and Marvel. Stop by his booth in the Small Press Area at #Q-06.
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  • Danny Schlitzkus shared an epic Mecha Godzilla print that will sure to be a big hit. In addition to Godzilla, he will also tons of other new art and exclusives to show. There will also be enamel pins available and some Foil Variants of designs from last year that almost sold out, so be sure to hit up his booth early to get your hands on all the goods.
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  • “By the power of grayskull…” hopefully you will be able to get your hands on this awesome Masters of The Universe sticker sheet from Sean Galloway. He also teases making more options to also bring to the show.

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