BB-CRE.8 San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives [UPDATE July 13]

The force is strong with BB-CRE.8’s annual San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, which meld their fun style with innovative design. They’ll be landing at Booth #1334 with exclusives for the convention, as well as daily pins.

[UPDATE July 10]

Does San Diego Comic-Con sometimes feel like it’s taking over the empire — or at least your life? BB-CRE.8’s Death Star in SDCC, featuring the moon-sized space station hovering behind the iconic façade of the San Diego Convention Center, will also be $15 at Booth #1334.

[UPDATE July 9]

The hometown team has a brand new player who will soon be rolling across home plate.

The latest BB-CRE.8 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive pin is sure to be a hit with Padres fans and SDCC attendees alike. SD P.8 and SD Saber is a two-piece set for $15 featuring the smooth rolling droid in the the City Connect jersey colors. The pin is limited and once they sell out they will never be sold again. Be sure to strike a path to Booth #1334 to pick up this exclusive. 

[UPDATE July 1]

They will transport Star Wars fans to iconic locations around the convention center, with a special galactic twist. Each day of the convention, they will launch a new exclusive pin that merges familiar sights around the con (including Petco Park and the Gaslamp Quarter) with the universe of Star Wars.

There will be a new pin available daily from Wednesday, July 24 on Preview Night for $20 each, and if you manage to collect all five daily pins, you’ll also receive a free exclusive mystery pin.

When you purchase one of the daily exclusive “Greetings From” pins, you’ll also receive a stamp card. Return daily to purchase each day’s pin and collect a new stamp, and then on Sunday when you purchase your last pin, you’ll receive a free exclusive pin.

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