Bling Squared Cute Glass San Diego Comic-Con 2024

Neacol and Stanley Miller’s journey into the world of glass flameworking began with a single class that sparked a deep passion for crafting exquisitely detailed miniature creatures, both mythical and real. Their creations have since captured the hearts of dedicated collectors and casual buyers alike, who appreciate the exceptional quality and charming designs.

During San Diego Comic-Con, visit Bling Squared Cute Glass at Booth #E-05 to explore their glass sculptures and more.

[UPDATE July 4]

Dungeons & Dragons Gelatinous Cubes

Trash Turtles


Lucky Duck in Axolotl Onesie

Assorted Dungeons & Dragons


[UPDATE July 3]

Toothless Glass Sculpture
Limited to one

Glass Animal Figures – $55 each
Hand sculpted

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