DC Comics “Kingdom Come” Documentary with Alex Ross and Mark Waid Heading to San Diego Comic-Con 2024

“Kingdom Come”, the four-issue 1996 minieries from Mark Waid and Alex Ross, is getting a new documentary charting its creation and set to debut this fall. As revealed by The Wrap, the new documentary, The Legend of Kingdom Come, will explore the behind-the-scenes making of the comic, from the story’s origin to its lasting relevance.

Filmmakers conducted more than 30 interviews for the documentary, including Ross and Waid as well as collaborators and members of the comic industry such as Spawn creator and Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane, Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Paul Dini, and TV/comics writers Julie and Shawna Benson.

Fans at San Diego Comic-Con will find out more about the project at a special panel, moderated by The Wrap’s Mike Roe, with what sounds like Waid and Ross both in attendance.

You can find more information on The Wrap.

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