Digital Pimp San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives [UPDATE July 17]

Digital PIMP, a collection of artists and web comics creators, are heading back to San Diego Comic-Con for 2024. You can find them at Booth #1437 with all of their new exclusives, old favorites and more.

[UPDATE July 17]

Are you Team Turtle or Team Bunny? Digital PIMP is giving fans the opportunity to represent either team by giving out Team Turtle or Team Bunny temporary tattoos. They’ll be limited to one per customer, but you’ll also get the chance to interact with their new web comic, Turtle vs Bunny, by voting on your favorite competitor each day. You get to help write the outcome!

[UPDATE July 7]

This year, Digital PIMP is taking the age old question — who wins the race? — and turning it into an all-out battle. To go along with their Turtle with Katana t-shirt (for their long-running web comic Turtle vs Bunny), they’ve now unveiled the Bunny with Claws T-Shirt. Just like the other, it’s available for $25 by itself, or you can pick up both for $40.

[UPDATE July 1]

Digital PIMP’s first of two exclusive items features a character from their long running web comic, Turtle vs Bunny, Turtle With Katana T-Shirt. This soft shirt will be available unisex (S-3XL), women’s (S-2XL) and youth sizes (XL-L). You can pick one up for $25, or mix and match with any of their other shirts and get 2 for $40. 

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