EXCLUSIVE: Get Hungry for the Jack in the Box “Deadpool & Wolverine” Trolley for San Diego Comic-Con

Are you hungry for more Deadpool & Wolverine content?

As we mentioned last week, fast food chain Jack in the Box has partnered with Deadpool & Wolverine for a new menu item, Mini Chimi Bang Bangs, on their menu nationwide in honor of the film (and Deadpool’s favorite snack).

Today, we are excited to exclusively real that the team-up is getting a trolley wrap for the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, which is hitting the tracks today, just in time for San Diego Comic-Con. That feels fitting, as if our site is known for anything at this point, it is surely being champions of fast food restaurants making bold marketing moves at the convention. 

The new wrap features the Deadpool & Wolverine film logo, as well as the new menu item and graffiti scrawled throughout by Deadpool.

Are you already salivating to ride the Mini Chimi Bang Bang trolley?

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