Karen Hallion San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives

Artist Karen Hallion, best known for her “The She Series” collection which combines short, impactful descriptions with depictions of women who have left their mark on pop culture and history.

Her booth is a treasure trove of unique artwork, featuring everything from prints to pins, and catering to all of your favorite fandoms. Join Karen at San Diego Comic-Con this year at Booth #BB-16 in Artist Alley.

[UPDATE July 14]

We really think Karen Hallion’s next piece for San Diego Comic-Con will grow on you. This 11″x14″ print celebrates the dynamic duo basking in their love, entwined in a botanical embrace, in the style of the famed Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. You can pick up this vibrant piece, which is limited to 100 pieces, for $50 at Booth #BB-16.

If any remain after the show, Hallion will open them to her Patreon supporters, followed by Etsy, while supplies last.

And finally, you can snag this sticker for around $5 at the con when it makes its debut. Because it’s true.

[UPDATE July 13]

Prepare to be “Enchanted” by Karen Hallion’s newest Taylor Swift print, the third in her series (and if we call it a series, will Hallion do all of the Eras and let us give her all of our money). She’s given her “electric touch” to Swift’s Speak Now era in this new 11″x14″ print, debuting at San Diego Comic-Con. If you’re ready to make this print “mine”, you can stop by Booth #BB-16 to pick it up for $25.

[UPDATE July 11]

Yes, Tiny Chef!  Karen Hallion has unveiled this fun The BearRatatouille mash-up piece, which will be available as both an 11″x14″ print for $25 and a sticker for $5 at San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

[UPDATE June 26]

This year, Karen Hallion will have daily exclusive enamel pins, limited to 200 of each design. Thursday will be “Sassy”, Friday will be “Forks”, Saturday will be “Don’t Settle”, and Sunday will be “No Because No”. Stop by to claim yours each day for $15 each.


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