Martin Hsu San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives, Commissions [UPDATE July 21]

Artist Martin Hsu has been exhibiting at San Diego Comic-Con for the better half of two decades, showcasing his beautiful contemporary artwork, inspired by his Asian-American heritage, nature, and his favorite fandoms.

Hsu will be returning to the con this year, to Booth #4530, with more exclusives, original artwork, and commissions. Pre-orders on his webstore will launch on July 12 at 9am PT. Be sure to use code SDCC2024PICKUP for booth pick-up, with the code expiring this Sunday, July 14.

[UPDATE July 21]

You can pick up a variety of custom figures based on Martin Hsu’s original characters, Dragon Boy and Goldfish Mermaid, at this year’s convention. The 2024 Artist Series (which Hsu has been doing since 2012 with the first release of his self-produced Dragon Boy vinyl figure) features 1/1 handmade figures created by friends of Hsu, including Mark Nagata, Elisabeth Holmes, and Sean Chao. All figures will be available at Booth #4530 only, and available first come first serve.

[UPDATE July 20]

Dearest gentle reader, we are pleased to announce that Martin Hsu has two more originals for San Diego Comic-Con, as part of his Penelope Bridgerton Cats collection. You are formally invited to attend the presale on his webstore on Sunday, July 21 at 9am PT. Both the framed originals, as well as a two-pack of prints, will be available for purchase.

[UPDATE July 19]

There’s always room for a little more! Ahead of today’s 9am PT drop in Hsu’s webstore, he has also unveiled new original paintings for Jedi and Sith Cats, to go along with yesterday’s Gambit.

You can also pick-up the 3-pack of 5″x7″ prints for $25, which includes all three designs.

[UPDATE July 18]

Martin Hsu will be unleashing the last of his San Diego Comic-Con exclusive originals this Friday, July 19 at 9am PT on his webstore, including these purr-fect Gambit’s, which reimagines the classic X-Men superhero as a cat. Hsu can’t promise there will be prints as well in time for the con, but he’s trying to make it happen.

You can use the same pick-up code SDCC2024PICKUP, which is now in effect through Sunday. Plus, the first 20 orders of all prints and originals in his SDCC collection include free stickers (Penelope + Coach Beard) starting now.

[UPDATE July 11]

Martin Hsu’s online webstore launches for pre-orders at 9am PT tomorrow (that’s Friday, July 12), and he has a special surprise for purchasers. In addition to the previously announced Penelope stickers, the first 50 purchases of $50+ in the pre-order will receive a second free sticker as a gift, featuring “Ted the Cat”.

[UPDATE July 10]

Martin Hsu has three new Bridgerton Cats pieces heading to the convention, titled “Penelope’s Delights”. These three new pieces empower and celebrate Penelope’s interests, including reading, sweets, and dancing. When the webstore re-launches on Friday, July 12 at 9am PT, you’ll be able to pick up both the framed originals and the three-pack print set.

[UPDATE July 8]

These cats are terrific. These cats are fantastic. These cats are MUTANTS! Martin Hsu isn’t pawing around with these new X-Men 97 inspired original pieces and prints. 

“Peace of Mind”, “Rebirth of Storm”, and “Cat Returns” will all be available at San Diego Comic-Con, and up for preorder starting Friday, July 12, at 9am PT.

[UPDATE July 6]

Dearest gentle reader, this author (and artist Martin Hsu) have a surprise in store for you. Based on Hsu’s Bridgerton Cats “Penelope” painting, anyone who places a pre-order purr-chase in his online shop when it re-opens on Friday, July 12 (starting at 9am PT) will receive a free 3″ vinyl sticker. For those with more modest budgets, the sticker is also available as a standalone option for $6.

It’s limited to 99 pieces, and available while supplies last.

[UPDATE July 3]

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hello Kitty with Martin Hsu’s Studio Ghibli mash-up pieces. He has created three new original paintings, including “Hello Jiji – Small Gift, Airplane”, “Hello Jiji – Small Gift, Tricycle”, and “Hello Jiji – Small Gift, Apples”.

The three original paintings are 3″x3″ graphite, watercolor, and metallic acrylic on watercolor paper, and come framed with glass for $200 each.

Prefer a print? Hsu will also have a 3-pack of the prints in 5″x7″ form for $25, available starting July 12 at 9am PT. You can view the online preview of his shop now.

[UPDATE July 1]

Martin Hsu’s final Ted Lasso Cats San Diego Comic-Con exclusive piece has finally been revealed. “A Beautiful Game” is a happy and joyful tribute to the heartfelt finale, titled after the series finale song by Ed Sheeran. “A Beautiful Game” will be available as 11″ x 14″ print limited to 99 pieces or as a custom canvas prints on Hsu’s online store as a pre-order for booth pick-up. The original 11″ x 14″ framed painting will also be available for sale at his booth, #4530.

On July 12 at 9am PT Hsu’s San Diego Comic-Con preorder store will officially open to play orders for in-booth pick up during the show, or for shipping after the show. You can peruse all of Hsu’s exclusives online now.


[UPDATE June 28]

In honor of Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary, Hsu has created a new artwork, which depicts a young lady adorned in a Hello Kitty headdress blessed with peony flowers and her signature red bow to inspire peace and happiness.

The original painting is sold, but an 11″x14″ print and large canvas prints will be debuting at San Diego Comic-Con. Be sure to stay tuned to his website for the preview on July 1.

[UPDATE June 26]

Martin Hsu has another majestic piece heading to San Diego Comic-Con, this time in the form of a Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story x Cats piece featuring Her Royal Majesty herself, along with Brimsley and Lady Danbury. So prepare your carriage, and set off for Martin Hsu’s online store, which will open for a preview-only on Monday, July 1 (time and full launch date TBA) for pre-order for booth pick-up at Booth #4530. You can also join his email list by emailing [email protected] to join a private pre-sale for originals.

[UPDATE June 24]

Dearest gentle readers, we are excited to announce that Martin Hsu will be adding this beautiful Penelope piece to his Bridgerton x Cats collection. It was inspired by the season three episode “Into the Light”, and features a serene and peaceful depiction of Penelope as she finally becomes herself by stepping into the light. It’s sure to get the ton talking about “Lady Whistlemeow”, as aptly nicknamed by longtime reader Lissie.

The original painting is watercolor, metallic paint on 8″x10″ watercolor paper. You can claim the original for your own (which comes framed with glass) when Hsu’s store re-opens, or you can pick up an 11″x14″ print, available for shipping or pick-up at the con.

[UPDATE June 22]

Hsu has drawn a lot of Ted Lasso Cats in his time… but one cat that he had not drawn was Ted Lasso himself. After working on your commissions, he was inspired to create a new 3-pack of prints for this year’s con. You’ll be able to pick up the prints early next month when his shop re-opens, to pre-order for either booth pick-up or shipping.


[UPDATE June 19]

We’re Richmond til we do. You can show off your AFC Richmond spirit with the launch of Martin Hsu’s Ted Lasso x Cats apparel and accessories, which launches this Friday, July 21 at 10am PT on his Threadless store. You’ll be able to pick up his “Believe Cats” design as t-shirts, tote bags, and more from Friday though Sunday, June 30.

All shirts will be available in men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes, and you can customize your preferred color and style of shirt. There will also be throw pillows, coffee mugs, duvet covers, and more.

And for those who purchase and bring their tees or merch to Hsu’s Booth #4530, he will also sign it for you.

[UPDATE June 17]

Your favorite feline Richmond team (and friends) are back, with three new pieces in Martin Hsu’s “Ted Lasso Cats” collection this year. You can score the original pieces when they launch for pre-order (exact date TBA), or they will also be available as prints. More details to come soon.

[UPDATE June 12]

Dearest gentle readers, Martin Hsu is taking your favorite regency television series and giving it a purr-fect twist. He’s transformed the characters of Bridgerton into feline versions of themselves, with all of your favorite couples represented. Sometime in early July, his online store will re-open, and you’ll be able to purchase the Season 1, 2, and 3 pieces as either framed original paintings or limited print packs.

Exact pricing is still TBA, but you can also email Martin at [email protected] to join his SDCC preview list.

[UPDATE May 13]

Up first, Hsu will be opening pre-con commissions for the first time (as we’re not completely counting the mailed exclusives of 2021) in 19 years of exhibiting. In honor of his popular Ted Lasso Cats series of the last several years, now, you can put yourself right in the pitch alongside your favorite AFC Richmond characters. Yes, you can have yourself drawn with your favorite Ted Lasso cat-characters.

On Friday, May 17 beginning at 10am PT, you can contact Martin via his site with the subject “SDCC Ted Lasso Cats Commission!” to try to claim one of the nine available spots. If you make it in time, Hsu will contact you back to ask:

  • Who you would like to be drawn as cats
  • Which Ted Lasso Cats characters you would like to be paired with.

From there, you can discuss pricing and sizing with Hsu. Each final, original piece will be created with graphite, watercolor, and acrylic on paper, and picked up at the con.

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