Mattel San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives [UPDATE July 7]

Mattel is always doing something unexpected at San Diego Comic-Con. The company has some of the most beloved licenses around, from Barbie to Hot Wheels to Star Wars, Monster High, and beyond. To get your hands on this year’s items, they will once again be part of the Online Exclusives Portal lottery system, meaning you will need to submit for a chance to enter the booth when it opens on Tuesday, July 9.

While most of the day’s timeslots will be available through the portal, last year at a certain point, Mattel would open the booth to anyone with quantities that remain for that day — and we suspect it will operate the same way this year. For those lucky enough to win, make sure that you bring your QR code to the booth along with photo ID a few minutes before your designated timeslot.

Exclusives will be available for purchase at Booth #3029 at the con beginning Preview Night, as well as available on beginning Thursday, July 25 at 9am PT.

[UPDATE July 7]

You’ll also find several booth activities at Booth #3029, including:


  • 10AM — Mattel Creations Presents: Mattel TV. Unlock access with Mattel Creations. Go behind-the-scenes with Rob David, VP of Mattel TV Content Creative for insider info (and maybe a few secrets) about your favorite Mattel TV series including Masters of the Universe: Revolution, Monster High and Hot Wheels: Let’s Race. Join us for a sneak peek of What’s Next!
  • 11:30am — Barbie: Sneak Peak. Host Trisha Hershberger and Barbie designers will share details of product.
  • 12:15pm — From the Isle to the Aisle: An In-Depth Look at Jurassic World Toy & Packaging Design. Grab your flip-flops and tune in for a closer look at toy creation with members of the Mattel and Universal Jurassic World Design and Packaging Teams. Get ready for a dynamic and dinosaur-filled conversation led by designers Raf Bencosme, Katherine Benecke, Chloe Mun, Carlos Rosales, and Erick Solorzano and enjoy exciting product reveals, branding sneaks, and more!
  • 3pm — Street Sharks 30th Anniversary POSTER Signing. Mattel Designers will be on-hand to sign a jawsome reproduction of the re-release packaging character art spread.


  • 11AM — Mattel Creations Opens the Vault. Unlock nostalgia with Mattel Creations. Join us as we dig deep into the archives and reintroduce you to some of your favorite toys from Barbie, Hot Wheels, Monster High, Masters of the Universe, Street Sharks and WWE! Relive your childhood and see which item from the archives won the fan vote.

[UPDATE June 24 #3]

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace with Mattel’s die-cast Hot Wheels Starships Select Royal Naboo Starship. The diorama packaging is the perfect backdrop fot eh 7.46″x5.43″x5.43″ starship, in the first-ever appearance of this ship in the Starships Select series. Pick it up for $30 beginning Preview Night at the booth or online beginning Thursday, July 25.

[UPDATE June 24 #2]

Did you really think there wouldn’t be a Jurassic World exclusive? Of course you didn’t, and the toy giant has come roaring in with two new exclusives. Superhero Hype has the details.

Up first, raise your glass for Mattel’s Jurassic World Jimmy Buffet exclusive, which features a figure of Buffet’s iconic cameo from the film. Mattel pays tribute to the legend with this exclusive, which features a giant margarita glass (which Buffet can stand in), two margarita accessories, and attacking dinosaurs on flight stands. But to us, the best part of this set is that the box is shaped like a margarita pitcher. *chef’s kiss*. You can pick it up for $30 beginning Preview Night, or online starting Thursday, July 25.

They’ll also have a Masters of the Universe Two-Bad combo set, featuring individual figures of Tuvar and Baddrah. They come with the ancient Mirror of Avathar, from an episode of the Filmation series, as well as a double-sided mini comic. It will be available for $50.

[UPDATE June 24]

She’s Barbie, and he’s just a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Per People, Mattel will be releasing a Mini Mojo Dojo Casa House at San Diego Comic-Con. Based on the movie, the set will feature Ken’s iteration of Barbie’s Dreamhouse, as well as a Ken figure in a matching denim set, and a Kendom sign in the background. You can pick it up for $50. Sublime!

Like the other exclusives, it will be available at the con starting Preview Night, and then on MattelCreations beginning Thursday, July 25.

[UPDATE June 20]

Mattel’s second wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives are worth the fight to get your hands on them. As revealed by IGN this morning, they’ve got four new exciting exclusives heading to the con, starting with a new WWE Ultimate Edition Shawn Michaels figure, based on his WrestleMania XII’s Iron Man Match. The figure comes equipped with a zip line accessory, as well as interchangeable head, hands, and arm pieces, so that you can recreate Michaels’ iconic entrance. It will be available for $45, and here is the pre-order link launching on July 25 (note that the link won’t work until 9am PT on Thursday, June 20).

Then, they’re making waves with a Street Sharks 30th Anniversary Collection Presents: Ripster, based on the character’s appearance in the episode “A Shark Among Us”. Ripster features a soft goods leather jacket and other episode-specific accessories and comes packaged inside a ’90s action movie-inspired box. You can pick him up for $40 beginning July 25 (or on Preview Night at the booth).

Monster High fans will want to get their claws on two new exclusives, starting with a Monster High Deadfast Ghoulia Yelps doll, which serves as a follow-up to Mattel’s San Diego Comic-Con 2011 exclusive. Ghoulia is decked out in her superhero best, and you can pick her up for $75 online or at the show.

And finally, for now, Mattel will be unleashing a MEGA – Adult Builder – Monster High Frankie Stein Boo-k Lab, which features 362-piece Mega Adult Builder set, inspired by the SDCC 2010 doll. It will be available for $40 both online and at the show.

[UPDATE June 17]

The hero we deserve. After teasing the set all the way back in March, Game Rant today revealed Mattel’s first full look at one of Mattel’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives — a Fisher Price Little People Batman 85th Anniversary: I Am Batman Set. To celebrate the character’s 85th anniversary, Mattel is celebrating with this set, which features every film version of the character, from Michael Keaton’s 1989 portrayal to Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and Robert Pattinson’s iterations. Each is dressed in their version of the costume, and comes with an iconic Batarang gadget.

Fans will be able to grab this set for $40.

Up next is a Hot Wheels Batmobile Collector Set, which features the most iconic versions of the Batmobile in one set, including the Batmobiles from the Batman 1966 TV series, the Batman 1989 movie, Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Forever, Batman Begins, and The Batman.

Each iteration comes with a small figurine of its driver, representing Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale, and Robert Pattinson’s versions of the character. It will be available for $50.

There is also a Hot Wheels RacerVerse Marvel Secret Wars set for $20, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of Marvel’s Secret Wars comics. The original 1984 comics debuted the Symbiote Spider-Man suit for the first time, and Mattel is celebrating this with a Die-Cast Symbiote Suit Spider-Man in a little Spider-Buggy, along with a commemorative coin. There will also be a Wolverine chase variant, which features the Secret Wars version of the character in a mini X-Jet.

And finally, for now, they’ll also have a UNO Show ’em No Mercy Deadpool card set, on display only at San Diego Comic-Con. The game is a version of the game that is “even more brutal than its original counterpart”. It features new action cards and more brazen rules, and each card bears artwork from Deadpool comics over the years. It will be available for $19.99, and available exclusively as a exclusive.


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