Monkey Minion San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives, Debuts [UPDATE July 15]

Dane Ault and Ashlie Hammond, the dynamic duo behind Monkey Minion, consistently bring some of the most eye-catching items to the show floor. Known for their distinct design style that masterfully combines elements of space, nature, science, dinosaurs, and beyond, their booth is a must-visit for attendees. Make sure to explore Booth #2007 to discover their latest prints, exclusive offerings, and more.

[UPDATE July 15]

What glows in the dark and is awesome? Monkey Minion’s new “Blast-O” and “NoBots” vinyl stickers, which will be debuting at San Diego Comic-Con, of course. Stop by Booth #2007 to pick up yours.

[UPDATE July 9]

One of our favorite things that Monkey Minion does each year is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive tied around the actual convention. This year, they have a print, postcard, and pin — all themed around their “Blast-O” series, but also relating to the convention.

The 13″x19″ print is limited to 100 copies and will be available for $50.  The piece celebrates the wild west spirit that San Diego Comic-Con can often feel like for attendees, as we blast our way into the best journey of the year.

For those who prefer a postcard, they are $5 and available while supplies last.

And finally, the pin is limited to 100 pieces and will be available for $15.

[UPDATE July 6]

Say hello to Monkey Minion’s little friend — er, we mean, little pins. You can pick up their new pins at San Diego Comic-Con Booth #2007.

[UPDATE July 5]

Monkey Minion has been hard at work on new art for the convention, including new “Blast-O!” prints, their unique spin on old advertisements, with a more sinister take on the future. You can pick up this new Blast-O print, which is limited to 100 pieces, for $45 at Booth #2007.

They also have brand new Borbs prints — fat, adorable, minimalist birds. This year, they’re adding Coots, Buntings, Ravens, Egrets, and more to the nest.

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