Okkto San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives [Update July 21]

Okkto, a pop culture collectibles company, is heading back to San Diego Comic-Con with an exciting lineup of new collectibles and exclusives. You’ll find them on the show floor at Booth #2647 (near Super7), with items celebrating the 40th anniversary of Indiana Jones, as well as The Rocketeer, giveaways, and more.

[UPDATE July 21]

Okkto is continuing their celebration of The Rocketeer by launching two exclusive Collector’s Pin Sets in collaboration with MacGuffin Goods. Each set features five pins inspired by Dave Stevens’ original artwork, including designs like “Cliff’s First Flight” and “The Rocket-Pack, (which showcases a 3D ruby red “jewel”).

Both pin sets will be available from Preview Night at the booth, as well as on Oktto’s website beginning on Wednesday, July 24 at 6pm PT. 

These exclusives are beautifully presented in a 5″ premium gift box with a magnetic flap, making them ideal for display. The “Gold” edition offers pins in color hard enamel with gold detailing, housed in a gold foil box, and is limited to 800 sets, priced at $50.

Meanwhile, the “Artist’s Edition” presents the pins in black and white hard enamel with silver detailing, encased in a silver foil box, and is limited to 200 sets for $55.

[UPDATE July 16]

It’s hard to think about San Diego Comic-Con without acknowledging the late, great artist Dave Stevens who did the artwork for so many of the program guides and souvenir books from the 70s through the 90s. Okkto is celebrating Dave’s legacy this year with brand new collectibles featuring The Rocketeer, as well as some of his most famous pieces inspired by pin-up icon, Bettie Page.

First up is the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive The Rocketeer “Holy Moses!!” Enamel Pin. This officially licensed 2.5” soft enamel pin captures Dave Stevens’s original art in stunning detail, with gold plating, pearlized swirl effects in the fire and smoke, and UV printing. This edition is limited to 400 pieces, with each pin individually numbered on the back – available for $16 from Okkto’s booth, #2647.

Fans at home don’t have to miss out, as an open edition of the pin with black nickel plating will be available online only starting Wednesday, July 24th on Okkto’s website.

Next up is another official San Diego Comic-Con exclusive,  Bettie Page “The Girl of Our Dreams” Enamel Pin There will be two variants – a Color edition limited to 100 pieces, and a “Just Peachy” Variant limited to just 50 pieces. Each officially licensed jumbo 3” pin features black nickel plating, UV printed details, individual numbering on the back, and a deluxe oversized backing card. The Color version is $20 and the “Just Peachy” variant is $22.

Like The Rocketeer pin, there will be an open edition available online only, which will be the Color version featuring shiny silver nickel. Available from okkto.com starting Wednesday, July 24th.

This year Okkto will have three new convention exclusive rollerball pens, made in collaboration with Retro 51.

“Blast Off!” Rollerball Pen features a laser-etched Rocketeer on the white barrel. It is limited to 40 pieces for $50. “Betty” Pin-Up Girl Rollerball Pen, featuring Dave Stevens’s original art etched on the white barrel is limited to just 25 pieces and also priced at $50. Lastly there’s the “Mini Bolt” Rollerball Pen, featuring a brass lightning bolt etched on the stealth black barrel. This smaller pocket-sized rollerball pen is limited to just 20 pieces for $35.


[UPDATE July 5]

Okkto will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with special releases, including three brand new limited edition pins inspired by the adventure classic debuting at the convention. You can pickup their limited edition Club Obi Wan Pin Set, limited to 100 units, for $20. This unique two-pin set features a 1.75″ “Anything Goes” hard enamel pin adorned with a “diamond” gem and a 1.5″ 3D model of the club’s iconic gong, all presented in a mini replica of the Club Obi Wan menu.

Gear up for takeoff with Okkto’s Lao Che Air Freight Pin at San Diego Comic-Con. This striking aviation-themed pin spans 3″, featuring both 3D and hard enamel details, and is limited to 100 pieces. Each pin is artistically displayed on a large, themed backing card and comes with a 3.5″ “Lao Che Air Freight” sticker, perfect for any fan ready to channel their inner adventurer for just $18. Just be sure to pack your sense of humor along with your parachute (or inflatable raft)!

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