Patrick Ballesteros San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives, Debuts, & More [UPDATE July 20]

Artist Patrick Ballesteros is a must-stop on the list of many San Diego Comic-Con attendees’ for a reason. His signature kid-friendly style and whimsical interpretations of some of the most beloved pop culture have generated lines to rival those of several large panel rooms. This year, he’ll be back in his usual spot of #DD-08 in Artists Alley, with new exclusives, debuts, commissions, mini originals, and more.

You can also join Patrick at his annual Pop-Up sale before the con, set for Tuesday, July 23 from 3:30pm-6pm at Mnemonic Coffee. Plus, if you participate in the pre-order (which launches Saturday, July 13 at 10am PT), you can even pick-up your items for free, so long as you place your order by Sunday, July 14 at 6pm.

[UPDATE July 20]

OK, we know there’s a lot here to digest, so artist Patrick Ballesteros made a handy-dandy quick reference graphic for everyone to sum up his SDCC 2024 release schedule. Don’t forget to watch Patrick’s socials for his daily sticker release and stop by Artists’ Alley Table #DD-08.

[UPDATE July 19]

In case you haven’t noticed (you’ve definitely noticed), this year is all about a certain Merc with a mouth and his grumpy emotional support mutant. And to celebrate that, artist Patrick Ballesteros has one final surprise up his sleeves — a 5″x10″ print featuring the whole gang in San Diego.

The piece, titled “I’m Big in San Diego“, will be available for $20, with the release date TBA (so stay tuned to Patrick’s socials).

[UPDATE July 15]

We are nearing the finish line of San Diego Comic-Con announcements (and also the finish line of days between now and San Diego Comic-Con!), but artist Patrick Ballesteros isn’t done yet. He will have new 3″ stickers available for $4 each, or three for $10, as well as 4″x6″ sticker sheets for $8 each. There will also be limited quantities at the Mnemonic Coffee Pop-Up on Tuesday at 3:30pm.

[UPDATE July 13]

Surprise! Patrick Ballesteros’ online shop will be opening today (Saturday, July 13) at 10am PT for select pre-orders for canvas prints, desktop mats, and concert  posters. You can select either shipping (within the intercontinental US) for $12 — or, so long as you place your online order by Sunday, July 14 at 6pm, you can request free pick-up at his Pop-Up. For all online orders, there is a limit of one per design unless otherwise noted.

Yes, the Pop-Up is back on Tuesday, July 23, from 3:30pm-6pm at Mnemonic Coffee. Stop by to greet the artist, shop early, and pick up your online pre-orders.

Here’s a look at what will be available in today’s online pre-order:


Ballesteros’ big designs for the year, including “Mr. Williams’ Opus”, “Dragons Forever”, and the print from his “The San Diego Bugle” will be available as 15″x19.25″ giclee canvas prints. Each print is limited to only 10, and will be available for $200 each, signed and numbered.

He will also have 14″x14″ giclee canvas prints of “All Are Welcome” and “Halo-Halo Express” (also LE 10) available for $150 each, signed and numbered.


Next up, he’s turning two of his prints into desktop mats, perfect for adding some design to your workspace while still being functional. He’ll have two options — a 24″x12″ “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Artisanal Desktop Mat for $55 (LE 50), or a 21″x12″ “Hell Yea” Artisenal Desktop Mat for $55 (LE 50).

And finally, Ballesteros recently created artwork for two of indie pop band AJR’s concerts on their Maybe Man Tour. There are two designs to choose from — for April 10 in Charlotte, North Carolina, or May 1 in San Diego. While all other items in the shop are limited to one per design, you can order two per design on the posters — but note that these are for pick-up at the Pop-Up Shop only. Each 18″x24″ lithograph poster is LE 50, and available for $45 each, and comes signed by the artist.

[UPDATE July 10]

Hot off the press! Step back in time with “The San Diego Bugle,” Patrick Ballesteros’ big exclusive for the year. This 4-page tabloid paper and print channels the lost art of newsprint, back when they were filled with vintage cartoon strips, classic movie posters, and all the community news. Ballesteros’ iteration puts a San Diego Comic-Con spin on it, by giving attendees all the latest “news” from their favorite pop culture characters, in a fitting tribute to the golden era of newspapers.

Priced at $65 and limited to just 250 editions, this unique piece includes a four-page tabloid on 88gsm paper and a fine art linen paper print, both capturing the essence of Comic-Con’s vibrant history and rich storytelling culture. Plus, you might just find an article written by the blog. “The San Diego Bugle” will be available starting Thursday at Booth #DD-08 in Artist Alley and will be available until it sells out.

Each 11.5”x14.5” tabloid pairs with an 11”x14” exclusive print, signed and numbered by Ballesteros. This collectible is not just a piece of memorabilia but a piece of art that invites fans to relive the thrill of discovering new worlds in the ink of newspapers and the magic of classic advertising.


[UPDATE July 7]

We are just days away from San Diego Comic-Con 2024, and Ballesteros has been hard at work on plenty of new items for the con. Up next, Patrick concludes his Mr. Williams’ Opus trilogy with a new print. Each iteration has celebrated the work of the legendary composer, John Williams, and how his music has elevated some of the most beloved films of all time.

This final 11″x14″, “Mr. Williams OPUS-Postlude“, will be debuting at San Diego Comic-Con for $30, and celebrates Williams’ take on a galaxy far, far away. It’s printed on fine art linen paper, and will be an open edition.

Ballesteros is also celebrating some other galactic heroes — with a Filipino twist. His 5″x5″ print, “Welcome to the Flipside“, will be available for $12 an open edition, and is printed on fine art paper.

[UPDATE July 3]

Ballesteros is unleashing the monster of memories with “THE OG” slipmat at San Diego Comic-Con. Inspired by childhood memories of his music-filled Saturdays with his dad as a child, this 12” 21oz slipmat is the perfect piece to protect your vinyl as it delivers monster beats. It’s limited to 150 pieces, and available for $55.

[UPDATE July 1]

All aboard! In collaboration with Little Shop of Pin, the two have teamed up to celebrate their Filipino heritage with a Jeepney Kultura Green Machin Pin Set. Based on Ballesteros’ “Jeepney Kultura” print series, which pairs characters from pop culture with Filipino Jeepney vehicles for the ultimate ride, this 2.5″ wide x 1″ tall pin is a shell-ebration of their culture.

It’s LE 500, and you can pick it up at either Little Shop of Pins #4621 or Patrick Ballesteros #DD-08 in Artist Alley (with both booths offering 250 each) for $22.

[UPDATE June 30]

Do you want to be part of the club? Join the ranks of the “Kaiju Club” at San Diego Comic-Con with Ballesteros’ first-ever patch. The iron-on patch isn’t just a piece of art, it’s your initiation into an elusive squad of enthusiasts who cherish the larger-than-life icons of pop culture. Secure your spot among fellow kaiju aficionados by picking up the 3″ iron-on woven patch for $10 each, or get three for $25.

There will be 200 available at the show.

[UPDATE June 27]

School might be out for the summer, but class is always in session for these mutants. This hard enamel magnet pin goes X-tra hard by featuring extra secure clasps and a magnetic function, allowing it to be displayed on other metal surfaces. “Class Council” is 1.5″ and is limited to 175 pieces total, with a limit of two per person, for $15 each. You’ll want to go speak to the teacher at Booth #DD-08 to secure yours.


[UPDATE June 20]

Step into the Spider-verse of Patrick Ballesteros’ mind with his latest San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. All your favorite webslingers from across the multiverse are represented in this 6″x14″ print, “Welcome to the Neighborhood“. If you’re caught in the web of excitement over this piece (printed on linen paper), you can pick it up for $27. But don’t wait, because it’s limited to 150 pieces.

Each print comes numbered and signed by the artist.

[UPDATE June 18]

One of the best things about San Diego Comic-Con is that if you ask 100 people why they’re at the convention, you would probably get 100 different answers. The convention is all about celebrating who you are and whatever you’re into — and it doesn’t matter if the person next to you isn’t into it too, because they still understand that indescribable feeling of being excited about something and being part of a community.

In his latest exclusive, Ballesteros tries to capture that feeling with his “All Are Welcome” piece, an 11″x11″ print. It will be available all days of the con including Preview Night for $35, and each of the LE 275 is printed on linen paper and comes signed and numbered with an official seal.

[UPDATE June 11]

Ballesteros has a mission for you: gear up and dive into Booth #DD-08 in Artists Alley to secure his latest print. This open edition 8″x14″ print, titled “HELL YEA!”, celebrates your favorite game, from the bug-splattering action to the cyborg-smashing teamwork. You can claim yours to level up your con for $27.

[UPDATE June 7]

You’re going to want to “stick” around for Ballesteros’ next x-citing announcement. Each day of the con (Thursday-Sunday), he will be unleashing a new daily 3″x3″ sticker. Each design is limited to just 50 pieces, and will be available for $4 each, while supplies last.

To know which sticker will be available each day, you’ll need to follow along with Ballesteros on Twitter or Instagram, where he will be unveiling that day’s option each morning of the con.

[UPDATE May 29]

Accio art! Ballesteros has a magical treat for fans today — the reveal of the first of his San Diego Comic-Con daily exclusives. This 10″x10″ piece, “Halo-Halo Express“, is the latest addition to his “Jeepney Kultura” series, which celebrates the iconic Filipino mode of transportation, the Jeepney, and its (pop) cultural significance. It has spellbinding details throughout, featuring all of your favorite wizards, muggles, fantastic beasts, and everything in between.

The print will be available for $30, and is limited to 150 pieces. It’s printed on fine art linen paper, and comes signed and numbered. Enchanted by this piece? Stay tuned for the full daily exclusive schedule.

[UPDATE May 22]

Attention, Troopers! Get ready to mobilize and start “Bugging Out” with Ballesteros’ latest print, heading to San Diego Comic-Con. This piece is a salute to the starry-eyed fans of one of the 90’s best (and often overlooked) cult classics, and the brave bug-busting heroes of that interstellar saga. You can swam (in an orderly fashion, while following all of the rules from the line workers!) Booth #DD-08 in Artists Alley to grab your own copy.

Don’t miss the chance to enlist this 11″x11″ masterpiece into your collection, for only $25, and available all days of the con.

[UPDATE May 17]

Ballesteros is back at it with the first of his reveals for San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s sure to fire up any fans of Akira Toriyama. For the first of his debuts for the con, Ballesteros has paid tribute to the legendary manga artist who created many of your favorite series of all time. The 11″x14″ piece, titled “Dragons Forever“, features characters from across Toriyama’s work, spray painting a version of Toriyama himself.

You’ll be able to pick up the open edition print first at the con this July, and it will be available all days for $30 each.

[UPDATE April 25]

If you’ve ever wanted to own a one-of-a-kind original commission from Ballesteros, now is your chance (or almost, at least). UPDATE April 30: Ballesteros’ commission spots are now closed. On Monday, April 29 at 10am PT, you’ll be able to try to reserve your spot on his list. He’ll have 25 spots up for grabs, with a short wait list if you don’t make it in in time. To claim your spot, you’ll need to:

  1. Email him at [email protected] with the Subject line: “SDCC 2024 Commission”
  2. Let him know which established character(s) you would like
  3. Let him know if this is to be done in his signature kid’s style
  4. What days you will be attending the convention

Ballesteros will then email you back with a rate, and you will have 24 hours to confirm with him.

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