Priscilla Wilson San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives [UPDATE July 19]

Artist Priscilla Wilson, also known as Valor & Vellum, has quickly become one of our favorite stops on the exhibit floor. Her original characters, Soonay and Toratai, are the perfect mascots to pair with her beautiful, colorful artwork and inventive variant figures, that often pay tribute to the convention. This year, she’ll be back at Booth #4721 on the show floor, with exclusives and more.

To try for either of the Soonay exclusives, you will need to fill out her online form between now and July 12 at 12pm PT. All entrants must be attending San Diego Comic-Con, and you’ll have between Wednesday, July 24 and Saturday, July 27 to pay for and pick up your figure if you win. Any figures not picked up by the end of the day on Saturday will be forfeit and will be sold first come/first serve on Sunday, July 28 at Booth #4721. Make sure you read the full form for all rules.

[UPDATE July 19]

One last surprise (maybe?) from Priscilla Wilson has been announced. She will have three very special 1/1 figures which will drop on Sunday, July 28. They will be offered via a morning lottery that will take place in person, at her booth, #4721. Prices from left to right are $50 / $100 / $75. Please note that the far left figure has clear coat defects on the back and top of ears, hence the lower price.


[UPDATE July 15]

This year, Wilson is giving attendees an extra bonus for shopping with her. While supplies last, all purchases at her booth will receive a free LE 1000 tote bag, purchases $25+ will receive a LE 1000 badge ribbon, and $50+ purchases will receive a LE 500 lanyard.

[UPDATE July 14]

Wilson has unveiled her booth limits for this year, with most limited items having a limit of one person on Wednesday-Thursday, followed by no limits for the rest of the week. Make sure you read the chart below for the particular limits on the items you are interested in, though.

Also note that there will be no lining up prior to doors, and any leftover items will be sold first come/first serve on Sunday.

For those who have been waiting on news of the Soonay Meet Up, it will be on Thursday, July 25 at 5pm at the Hilton Bayfront bar, the Odysea. Come find the “Soonay Squad” and if you’re one of the first 70, you’ll receive an assigned number to claim your LE 70 Gaslamp Soonay & Toratai pin. Plus, there will be on-site raffles, prize giveaways, and more.

[UPDATE July 11]

Priscilla Wilson isn’t done surprising fans yet. TOday she announced that two intricate and detailed original ink drawings will be available at her booth at San Diego Comic-Con, #4721. These originals were used to create her “Soonay Loves San Diego” and “Soonay Loves Seattle (Summit)” illustrations. Each drawing is 9″ x12″ and comes framed for $200 each. No holds, first come, first served.

[UPDATE July 9]

If you’ve ever wanted a Soonay figure and don’t mind it being a little less than perfect, Priscilla Wilson will be bringing test figures, dump molds, and miscasts for only $20 each. All figures are washed, but not cleaned of flash.

Here is a look at the schedule:

[UPDATE July 8]

You’re going to spend a lot of money at San Diego Comic-Con. Why not spend that dough in style with Priscilla Wilson’s new Soonay & Toratai Wallet? The LE 100 exclusive wallet is an official stickered SDCC 2024 exclusive and is made of artificial leather with plenty of compartments perfect for your cash, cards, and more. You can pick it up for $25 at Booth #4721.

[UPDATE July 1]

Priscilla Wilson’s next San Diego Comic-Con exclusive will make you want to “shuffle up and deal” with a two beautiful decks of poker-sized and linen finished playing cards. Fins & Scales features stunning aquatic art that was hand drawn by Wilson. The standard deck will debut for $12 and a limited edition of 500 will be $15. Each version is officially stickered on the box.


[UPDATE June 30]

One of the most common attendee questions that we get asked is, “What should I bring to the convention?” Wilson has all the essentials covered with her LE 200 Acrylic Shaker Backpack Keychain. You can shake it to have the shaker piece essentials move around within the backback, including a schedule, flight tickets, water, sunscreen, cash, snacks, cell phone, and more.

The keychain measures 2.5″ tall, and the backing card lists out everything included (along with other packing essentials), so you can play along at home with your own packing list. Pick it up for $12 at Booth #4721.

[UPDATE June 29]

For the first time, Wilson will be offering blank DIY Soonay figures, set to debut at San Diego Comic-Con. These PU 4″ figures are more durable than resin, have less flaws, and will be available with a official SDCC debut sticker. No word on quantity, but Wilson promises to have “a good amount” with her for $35, and more without the sticker will be sold online afterwards.

[UPDATE June 28 #2]

As an added bonus, if you happen to be in the Funko Fundays line on Friday night after 4pm and spot Wilson, be sure to see if she has any of her pirate-themed Soonay stickers left. She will have 200 stickers, with a holo chase LE 25 mixed in.

[UPDATE June 28]

There’s nothing Comic-Con attendees love more than a good pin, and luckily, Wilson has plenty of them this year. And as an added bonus, all of this year’s iterations glow in the dark, and have red plating to match the very limited Kickstarter variant that was previously available to Kickstarter backers.

Up first, she is releasing two Lunar Cat pins, for $12 each. Both will be a LE of 74, with one will be exclusive to the convention and features a blue moon, while the other is simply debuting at the con and features a red moon and gold outline (and will come in special numbered packaging).

Similarly, she also has two Lunar Onigiri, each available for $12 and a LE of 74. The first, which features a blue moon, will be exclusive to the con. The second features a red moon, and gold details, and will be a debut that comes in special numbered packaging.

The fifth pin features Soonay and Toratai in the Gaslamp, and is a LE of 70. It will be free at the Soonay Meetup, with more details still to be revealed (and you can tune into Twitch on Sunday at 12pm PT for more info).

[UPDATE June 25]

Wilson has a sweet treat for attendees today — Gumball Soonay figures, which are bursting with color in four different colorways, including Blue (LE 9), Vermilion (Red – LE 9), Yellow (LE 7), and Green (LE 6). Each of the figures was cast with clear resin and pearlized pigments, and features tiny “gumball” balls that you can even shake. They each come with an official SDCC sticker and will be available for $80 each.

To try for a chance to purchase one of the figures, make sure you enter online between now and July 12 at 12pm PT (with more information on the form or at the top of this post).

[UPDATE June 24]

Con season is in full bloom, and here at the UBlog, it’s always Soonay season. You can plant yourself over at Booth #4721 to try to grab this LE 20 Wildflower Soonay, which was cast with clear resin. Each features a variety of wildflowers, so each $75 figure is completely unique. And, each comes with a free 3″ vinyl sticker.

To try for a chance to purchase one of the figures, make sure you enter online between now and July 12 at 12pm PT (with more information on the form or at the top of this post).

[UPDATE June 13]

Up first, Wilson has created new Soonay Loves San Diego art. The piece, based on a photo Wilson took last year, captures the “electric” excitement the night before the con kicks off. The artwork will be available as a 12″x8″ giclée art print, printed with archival inks and archival paper. Each print comes hand signed and numbered and is an official SDCC 2024 sticker, available for $30.

The design will also be featured on a Haori, a traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length jacket typically worn over a kimono. You can wear it, or even display it in your home. It’s available in sizes Large and XL, with a roomy, comfy fit, for $40 each. It’s also an official San Diego Comic-Con 2024 exclusive, and you can find the size chart below.

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