Toddland San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives [UPDATE: American Dad]

There’s a reason that Toddland has consistently won our annual reader awards for Best Booth at the con (making Toddland the ultimate Shrrugie winner!). He and his team are always busy cooking up fan-favorite designs and exclusives, providing fans with a truly animated experience and proving that they truly “get” the SDCC crowd.

This year, Toddland is going bigger than ever with seven brands at their Booth #4429, including Bob’s Burgers, FuturamaKing of the HillSolar Opposites, Family GuyAmerican Dad!, and The Great North.

Elsewhere on the show floor, you’ll also find them at the Animation Domination booth directly across the aisle, at Booth #4423, as well as in a secret third location still to be revealed.

There will not be any signings at the Toddland booth, but some of their properties may be signing at the Hulu booth. There will also be a signing at their Animation Domination #4423 booth, with details still TBA (though it’s worth noting that the last few years it has been Dan Harmon for Krapopolis). 

Bring home some toon-tastic treasures this year with Toddland’s hybrid system, which will utilize timed releases for both in-booth pick-up at the booth at San Diego Comic-Con or shipping after the convention (which means that even if you don’t have a badge, you can still order). There may be a limited amount available to purchase at comic con, but it’s always best to pre-order as they typically sell out early.

There will also be a few true con-only exclusives, so stay tuned for more details on those.

For The Great North, Bob’s Burgers, Solar Opposites, and King of the Hill exclusives, you can pre-order now on Toddland’s website. The cutoff date for those properties for pick-up at the con is June 30 for tees/totes and July 14 for pins/stickers, but the last day to order for shipping will be Sunday, July 28 to coincide with the end of the convention. The sooner you order, the sooner your order will ship, with all orders beginning to ship around August 15.

For Family Guy items, cutoff for t-shirts for pick-up at the con will be Sunday, July 8.

 Note: You will be charged shipping even if you’re ordering for pick-up, but it will be refunded when you pick-up at the booth.

All orders must be picked up by the end of the day on Saturday, July 27 at the con. Even if the line is capped, you can show your order number to the end of the line person and they will let you in. Any orders not picked up will ship the week of August 19 or sooner.

NEW THIS YEAR: While you will still have to wait in line to pick up your order, Toddland will occasionally have a CON-cierge to work the line pulling pre-orders and handling them first.

Also keep in mind that these items are exclusive to Toddland, and officially licensed and designed side-by-side with the show. So if you see them for sale somewhere else, they’re fake.

[UPDATE July 17]


Launching on the Toddland’s website on Thursday, July 18 or you can pre-order at the booth. ALL ITEMS WILL SHIP AFTER THE CON.

Langley Falls Alien Tee (Asphalt Gray) (XS-4X) – $28

Clip Clop Tee (Columbia Blue) (XS-4X) – $28

Shots! Shots! Shots! Francine Tee (Francine Pink) (XS-4X) – $28

Wheels & The Legman Double Layer Pin – $12
Pin features the background in its own layer and the foreground with Roger and Steve in its own layer.

Shots! Shots! Shots! Francine Pin – $12

Plunger Roger Pin – $12

Stickers – $4

  • Klaus
  • Stan

[UPDATE July 11]


Launching on the Toddland’s website on Friday, July 12. See red section above for pick-up notes/options.

Cosplay Contest Tee (Vintage Navy) (XS-4X) – $28

Shut Up and Take My Money (Columbia Blue) (XS-4X) – $28

Binary Bite My Shiny Metal Ass (Vintage Black) (XS-4X) – $28

Slurms McKenzie (White and Electric Blue) (XS-4X) – $28

Planet Espresso (Sage Green) (XS-4X) – $28
You can also find Toddland Black and Gray exclusive colorways of this tee at the Toynk booth.

AT CON ONLY – Matt Groening and 18K Gold Bender Pin Set – $30
Only available for purchase at the booth, with a limit per person (TBA). There will be a daily release time yet to be announced. General attendees can purchase any day including Preview Night (while supplies last), and those with Exhibitor badges will only be allowed the opportunity to purchase on Preview Night (no other days). LE 500.

Shut Up and Take My Money Pin – $12

Scooty-Puff Jr. Pin – $12

Wanna Go Around Again? Pin – $12

All Glory! Pin – $12

Bender the Offender Pin – $12

Whimmy Wham-Wham Wazzle Pin – $12

Sexy Scruffy Pin – $12


[UPDATE July 5]


Launching on the Toddland’s website on Friday, July 5

AT CON ONLY EXCLUSIVE – Stewie & Brian 25th Anniversary 18k Gold 2-pack of Pins – $25
Only available for pre-order at the convention. LE 300. Varying quantities will be sold at varying times throughout the con.

Rupert Plush – $35
This special Rupert plush will be debuting on Wednesday, July 24 at 6pm PT online on the Toddland website. It will be a timed release, meaning you will have through a certain cutoff date to get your orders in. For those pre-ordering at the booth, you will receive a special add-on item that you can only receive by pre-ordering at the con.

25th Anniversary Tee (Columbia Blue) (XS-4x) – $28

25th Anniversary Heavy Canvas Tote – $16

CON-suela “Nooo, Badge No Scan, Nooo” Tee (Light Gray) (XS-4X) – $28

Road to San Diego Tee (Sportsball Brown/Sportsball Mustard) (XS-4X) – $28

Sexy Consuela Tee (Columbia Blue) (XS-4X) – $28

Petercopter Pin – $12

Sexy Consuela Pin – $12

Petoria Flag Pin – $12

Die-Cut Stickers – $4 each

  • Sexy Consuela
  • Quagmire “The Internet”
  • Gary the No Trash Cougar

[UPDATE June 28 #2]


Launching on the Toddland’s website on Saturday, June 29 at 10am PT

Dale of the Hill (XS-4X) (Light Gray) – $28

The Alley (XS-4X) (Columbia Blue) – $28

I Don’t Know You (XS-4X) (Vintage Navy) – $28

Diminished Gluteal Syndrome Pin – $12

I Don’t Know You Pin – $12

Hill-O-Ween Pin – $12

Senora Peggy Hill Pin – $12

Rhinestein’s Cowboy Pin – $12

The Bugabago Pin 

Clear Die Cut Stickers – $4

  • Diminished Gluteal Syndrome
  • I Don’t Know You
  • The Alley
  • Senora Peggy Hill
  • Kinda Worried About Being a Slut

[UPDATE June 28]


Launching on the Toddland’s website on Saturday, June 29 at 10am PT

Pupa Hug (XS-4X) (Yellow) – $28

Pupa Pocket (XS-4X) (Cornsilk) – $28

Timed edition.

Royal Opposites (XS-4X) (Purple or Mint) – $28

Timed edition

The Family Printed Pin – $12

LE 100

Tervo Printed Pin with 18k Gold Rim – $12

Cherubs Printed Pin – $18

LE 100

Dig Old Bicks Printed Pin – $12

LE 100

Stickers – $4 (Open Edition)

  • Fiesta Korvo
  • Singing
  • Pupa Tee
  • Dig Old Bicks

[UPDATE June 26]


Launching on the Toddland’s website on Thursday, June 27 at 10am PT.

Plush Exclusive

Due to the success of last year’s Wheelie Mammoth plush (and the prevalence of flippers), Toddland will not show the new plush until Preview Night of San Diego Comic-Con. It will be a timed edition pre-order and will launch online on Wednesday, July 24 with shipping after the con. Because it’s a timed edition, that means everyone will be able to order without worrying about it selling out, so long as you do so by the TBA cutoff date.

2024 Con Skyscraper Tee (XS-4X) (Teddy Blue and Coral) – $28

Best Westernville Tee (XS-4X) (Fool’s Gold and Vintage Navy) – $28

2024 Gas Lamb Quarter Pounder Burger of the Day Tee (XS-4X) (Solid Athletic Gray) – $28

Louise with Kuchi Kpi Tee (XS-4X) (Columbia Blue, Solid Athletic Gray, Pink) – $28

2024 Con Skyscraper Heavy Canvas Grocery Tote in Teddy Blue – $16

Timed edition

Best Westernville Heavy Canvas Grocery Tote (Fool’s Gold) – $16

Timed edition

Re-Usable Grocery Bag – $12

Purchasing this bag will be the only way to score the Good/Bad double-sided Kuchi Kopi lanyard gift, with purhcase. The bag and lanyard are LE 1000, with a limit of 4 per order.


  • Give Me Stength Gene Pin – $12
  • VDD Tina Pin (top and pants are glittery!) – $12
  • Marshmallow on Pepperoni Pin – $12
  • Fish Under the Sea Pin – $12
  • Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday Pin – $12
  • Western Kids 3-Pack Pins – $25
  • Termite Be Giants Van Pin (#6 in series) – $12
  • 2024 Gas Lamb Quarter Pounder Burger of the Day Pin – $12
  • Next Door Building Pin (#2 in series) – $12 Includes a sticker sheet for you to cut out your favorite and stick on the pin


  • Boots Louise Sticker – $4
  • VDD Tina Sticker – $4
  • Regular Size Mr Business Suction Cup Sticker – $4
  • Wolfpack Sticker – $4
  • Marshmallow on Pepperoni Sticker – $4
  • Large 9″ reverse side sticker (sticky side is on art side so it can be applied to the inside of a window) – $10


[UPDATE June 25]


Launching on the Toddland’s website on Thursday, June 27 at 10am PT.

Bigfoot Society Tee (XS-4X) – $28
Timed edition

Lone Moose Harbor Long Sleeve Tee – Baby Blue (XS-3X) – $34
Timed edition

Likely Shrimp Pimp (XS-4X) – $28
Timed edition – previously sold out design

Moon and Bigfoot Pin – $12
LE 100

Little Mr. Ketchikan Pan – $12
LE 100

Ham Plant Pin – $12
LE 100

Moon and Bigfoot Clear Die Cut Sticker – $4
Open edition

Little Mr. Ketchikan Sticker – $4
Open edition

Ham Plant Sticker – $4
Open edition

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