Upper Deck San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives & Debuts [UPDATE July 18]

Upper Deck is the premier destination on the show floor for officially licensed trading cards, beautiful gallery prints, and collectibles. They will once again be on the show floor at their usual space of Booth #307, so be sure to stop by to check out this year’s latest debuts and exclusives.

[UPDATE July 18]

It’s going to be an X-cellent summer. Upper Deck has teamed up with artist Elizabeth Torque to bring a nostalgic blast from the past to San Diego Comic-Con with X-Men ‘90s Gallery Prints. The first, “Blue & Gold Rewind”, draws inspiration from Jim Lee’s iconic cover of X-Men (1991) #1 from 1991, and features all your favorite mutants poised for an epic battle. The regular edition is limited to 250 numbered copies and will be available for $60.

The variant, though, celebrates the X-Men’s downtime, as it adds a seasonal twist by imaging the mutants enjoying a well-earned day off at the pool, echoing the early 90’s beach culture. “Summer for the Gifted” is limited to 100 numbered copies available for $100 each.

Both 18″x24″ prints are available at Booth #307.

[UPDATE July 12]

Comic book fans are invited to a very special Exclusive Promo Card Release and Signing Event with co-creator of X-Men’s Bishop Whilce Portacio.

It has been 40 years since Portacio attended his very first San Diego Comic-Con and landed an inking job with Marvel Comics, which launching his vaunted career which continues today. In 1991 Portacio was working with writer John Byrne on Uncanny X-Men when he co-created the human mutant and skilled marksman, Lucas Bishop who’s made his first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #282

Join Upper Deck in celebrating this fan-favorite character and Portacio’s renowned career in comic books on Friday, July 26 at the Upper Deck Booth, #307, from 2pm – 3:30pm.

[UPDATE July 11]

Upper Deck is just getting started with their exciting exclusives and reveals. Today we have a very special exclusive for both the X-Men 97 fans and trading card collectors.

From Storm to Nightcrawler to Cyclops and Wolverine, all your favorite characters from the 2024 hit Disney+ show are featured in Upper Deck’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusive X-Men ’97 Trading Card Packs. Each sealed pack contains the entire 15 card base set, plus one random parallel chase cared. There are two parallel tiers to chase, the Pattern Foil Cards and the rare Golden Pattern Cards. Each pack is $25 at the Upper Deck Booth, #307, during the convention.

[UPDATE July 1]

Prepare for battle (in the cutest way possible) with Upper Deck and their Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game, which brings your favorite virtual pets to life via tabletop gaming.

The new, fast-paced TCG was recently released by Upper Deck on June 26, 2024. Attendees will be able to dive into the Neopets universe with the Starry Acara Starter Deck for $20, which showcases the Defense and Agility of the Starry Neopets, or choose the Fire Uni Starter Deck (also $20) to leverage the Attack and Agility of the Fire Neopets. Each starter deck is equipped with 55 cards, 10 exclusive dice, and an exclusive digital avatar, providing everything you need to start your journey.

Expand your exploration of the extensive world of Neopia with the Defenders of Neopia Booster Box, which includes 24 packs, each containing 8 cards. Every pack is guaranteed to contain 2 foil cards and offers a chance to discover a redeemable Neopets.com item through Grundo Warehouse code cards, with an average of one code card per box. There are over 250 different cards, to dive deeper into the Neopets universe, for $90 per booster box.

Pick up both sets at Upper Deck Booth #307.


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