Yesterdays San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Exclusives [UPDATE July 11]

When it comes to knowing what fans want, there are very few brands doing it as well as Yesterdays. The pin and apparel makers have quickly become one of attendee’s favorite booths at the con, thanks in large part to their very popular line of SDCC heart pins. Each year, their offerings span fandoms of your favorite movies, TV shows, gaming, and beyond, all created with an eye for design in their beautiful artwork.

This year, you can once again find them on the show floor at Booth #1028, where they’ll have pins, tees, and more.

For those with pre-order items, if you’re in town early, you can join them at Nuclear Comics on Tuesday, July 23 from 7pm-10pm for a Pre-Con Pick-Up Party, where the first 200 guests will receive a free pin.

During the actual show, Yesterdays will do their best to accommodate you into the existing line (but you won’t be able to purchase any additional items). Stopping by after 2pm will make the process go smoother. For those looking to purchase directly at the booth, if the line is at capacity, Yesterdays will have return tickets, with a designated time, and you may enter the line anytime after your designated time.

Here’s a look at this year’s exclusives:

[UPDATE July 11]

Yesterdays could not let a San Diego Comic-Con go by with a new lanyard and challenge coin. Both items won’t be fore sale but will instead be gifts with purchase. For a single purchase at the booth over $50 you will receive the lanyard free. For purchases over $100 you’ll also receive the challenge coin.

This offer is good for one single purchase, at one time, multiple purchases over the convention won’t count towards the total, however, pick ups of preordered shirts and/or totes, *will* count.


[UPDATE July 10]

The Wasteland just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Yesterdays introduces two new pins, perfect for your Vault-Tec jumpsuit. Lucy and Cooper are both editions of 200, illustrated by Nomi Kane and can be yours for $10 each at San Diego Comic-Con. Vault…um…I mean BOOTH #1028.

[UPDATE July 9]

The juice is loose with Yesterdays’ new pins. If you can scare up $10, you can pick up their Scared Sheetless or Lydia pins. But hurry before they disappear, as they’re both limited to 250.

It’s showtime with their Graveyard Sign pin, which glows in the dark. Like the others, it’s also $10, and limited to 250.

You can also grab their Barbara and Adam 2-pin Set for $20, which is also limited to 250.

Need to brush up on the rules now that you’ve entered the afterlife? Pick up their Handbook for the Recently Deceased Notebook, which is available with your choice of interior blank or lined pages. The cover is screenprinted canvas, and it’s replicated from the original prop from the film. Pick up the notebook (which features 80 sheets, 160 pages, with ribbon bookmark and elastic enclosure) for $20.

[UPDATE July 7]

Yesterdays is back with some brand new exclusives and debuts. Some of these may be headed to online as well, but you can get them all first at Booth #1028.

You can tell everyone how you really feel with their F*** AI Art Pin, which is limited to 200 and available for $10.

Are you ready to rock out? You can pick up their Koexist Pin, also limited to 200, for $10.

Yesterdays has a few tricks up their sleeve and some X-cellent new items for the con, including this Ace of Hearts Pin, which is limited to 300 pieces and available for $10.

Who you gonna call? Yesterdays, of course, for their 1959 Cadillac Pin, which is limited to 200 pieces for $10. For those who grab the Mystery Boxes, you could also possibly score a chase gold edition of the pin.

Set out for an epic adventure with their Shogun Pin, limited to 200 pieces and available for $10.

And finally (for now), let’s hear it for the boys — or at least for this Vought Pin, which is limited to 200 pieces and available for $10.

[UPDATE July 6]

For fans of Yesterday’s Mystery Boxes, we’ve got good news — they’re back. You can pick one up for $20 at Booth #1028, and each box will include five pins from Yesterday’s archive. Plus, you could score a brand new chase pin (still to be revealed).

[UPDATE July 1]

Do you want so many of Yesterdays’ San Diego Comic-Con exclusives that you need to write them in a sketchbook? Well good news.

Yesterdays is bringing their fan favorite SDCC exclusive sketchbooks back, in two new colorways — Red and Blue. These 5.25″x8.25″ sketchcovers are vegan leather hardcover, with Smyth Sewn Binding. There are 80 sheets (which equals out to 160 blank pages) for you to doodle on, draw, and plan out your convention plans by hand (or any other items you might want to jot down), all made with thick, high-quality 120gsm acid-free paper with high ink compatibility.

There’s even a ribbon bookmark and elastic band closure, as well as an expandable gusseted pocket on the back cover. Each notebook is LE 200, and available for $20 each.

In addition, Yesterdays is also debuting a new Misfits Notebook, also a 5.25″8.25″ notebook with a vegan leather hardcover. Like the SDCC sketchbooks, it features 80 sheets — but this iteration has 80 blank pages and 80 lined pages, of thick, high-quality 120gsm acid-free paper with high ink compatability. It also features a ribbon bookmark, elastic band closure, and expandable gusseted pocket on the back cover.

Pick it up for $20 at the booth.

And finally (for today), Yesterdays has a Misfits Corner Box Enamel Pin. This crimson glitter edition is limited to 200 pieces, and will be available for $10.

[UPDATE June 26]

Yesterdays has some new pins worth getting out of your bunker for, including a 1.25″ New California Republic Flag Gun Metal Finish Pin for $10, which is limited to 100.

They will also have a 1.25″ Brotherhood of Steel Flag Pin for $10, which is also limited to 100.

And finally, for today, a Max pin for $10, which is limited to 200.

[UPDATE June 21]

One of our (and your) favorite exclusives every year is Yesterdays’ now-annual SDCC heart pins. It perfectly encapsulates how so many of us feel about this convention, and the yearly variants make for a fun new addition each year. This year’s 1.25″ SDCC 2024 Exclusive Pin is a limited edition of 1500 for $10 each, with a daily allotment each day of the show, beginning Wednesday, July 24 during Preview Night. So even though it may be sold out one day, you can always try again the following day.

If the line is capped, they will once again be offering return tickets, with tickets in 15-minute intervals. You may join the line any time after the start time on your return ticket.

Just like last year, there will also be daily Heart pins for Thursday-Sunday of the con, which will be posted on Yesterdays’ social the morning of each day of the convention.

There will be a limit of two per person.

[UPDATE May 29]

Yesterdays has some fiend-ish plans at the con this year. Every year, Yesterdays rolls out a new, exciting offering for Misfits fans, and this year they’ve got two new additions. Up first is a Misfits “Hell Fiend” T-Shirt and Slabs Trading Card. Slabs is Yesterday’s own line of collectible 2.5″x3.5″ comic book art prints, which come sealed in 100% UV protected acrylic cases. You can order the two-piece set now for $35 for pick-up at San Diego Comic-Con, or get the shirt by itself for $35 for shipping worldwide.

They are also unveiling a new tee with beautiful pin-up artwork by Sveta Shubina, which features the classic Misfits logo, and both white and black colorways. Like the other shirt, the San Diego Comic-Con version includes a Slabs trading card for pick-up for $35, or you can get the shirt by itself shipped worldwide also for $35.

[UPDATE May 15]

Get ready to level up your Comic-Con with Yesterdays’ new San Diego tee, exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con. This year’s design will be available as both a t-shirt and a tote, available for pre-order on their website beginning this Thursday, May 16 at 11am PT. It will only be available for booth pick-up at the con.

You can snag the shirt for $30 and the tote for $25 each, or get both combined for $50.

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