Video Guide to Swag (Freebies) at San Diego Comic-Con

Each year San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) attendees salivate over the newest WB bags at registration. Part of the excitement is the cool designs. Another part is getting this first piece of free swag in hand. And an even greater part of the joy is the idea of filling the bag up with all the free goodies that are to come. SDCC and swag are symbiotic in a way that few other shows in the world are. There’s a very good reason that the WB bag looks like a sack Santa would carry his yearly drop of toys in.

Veteran and newbies alike can easily fill a bag of SDCC goodies a day, but there are some considerations to be made on what you fill that bag with. We hope that this video guide will give you a better idea on some tips and tricks to snag the swag you want at this year’s SDCC.

What are your plans for swag at SDCC? Any tricks you are willing to share with our readers? Leave us a comment below to let us know.

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Shawn Marshall

Fan of all aspects of the con experience, but particularly the exhibit hall floor! Traveling to 50 or more shows a year. Follow along and play from home.

  • great info there, thanks! this will be my first time to #SDCC so really looking forward to it!

  • Michelle Wittlich

    Since you are the King of SDCC Swag do you know where/when Nick was handing out the Korra buttons and posters last year? I coveted those! I went to the panel but was not rewarded with anything cool for doing so. thanks!

  • Jodie Ranzinger

    Great Video 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing! I usually have a very tough time since I am in a wheelchair, but I’m hoping some of your tips give me some advantage! (LOL PS, when you showed your Dalek hat, I just about cringed! I was at BBC’s booth when they were handing them out, but couldn’t get to the front in my chair. This year I’m going to get there EXTRA early!!)

  • Kim Olson

    Last year, my first year, I got the swag that I wanted the most: The WB freebies. It was really just luck to get in line at the right time.

  • subwaycars

    What’s the swag situation on Preview Night and Sunday? This year I’m skipping the screenings and panels to hit the floor.