Announced Autograph and Signing Schedule For SDCC 2016

Nickelodeon Autograph Signing: New Animated Comedies - David Sacks, Dave CooperWelcome to our third annual SDCC Autograph and Signing Schedule page for 2016.

Every year San Diego Comic-Con International brings some amazing talent to its hallowed halls of geekdom. From artists and authors to comics and celebrity entertainment. Many talented individuals gather under the roof of the Convention Center to mingle with fans from all over the world. Whether you go to the Con for comics and artists, celebrity filled panels or for the experience, one of the many great moments you can have are the autograph and signing events that take place there every year.

With so much going on it can be hard to keep track of everything within the convention center walls. We have found that finding a single source of autograph information for Comic-Con seems to be a struggle. Most autograph session information is spread out over the vast reaches of the internet. This makes it hard for the con-goer.

Well, we are going to make it easier for you. This page will house all the links to our autograph sections. We have divided the signing event information for ease of use. We hope our autograph pages will help make planning your Con an easier experience.

Autograph Link Menu
Click the links below for our compiled list of autograph information:

Comics and ArtistsFeatured Booths / Exhibit Floor / Sails Pavilion / TBA
Celebrity EntertainmentFeatured Booths / Exhibit Floor / Sails Pavilion / TBA
Publishers and AuthorsFeatured Booths / Exhibit Floor / Sails Pavilion / TBA
OtherFeatured Booths / Exhibit Floor / Sails Pavilion / TBA
Offsite Autograph and Signings Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday

[UPDATE July 19]  SIGNINGS ADDED:  Warner Bros: The 100, Teen Titans Go!, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Vampire Diaries, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Supernatural & More! – FOX:  Archer, Bob’s Burgers, Gotham, ALIENS 30th Anniversary, Scream Queens, and so much more!

[UPDATE July 18]  SIGNINGS ADDED:  Ticketed DC signings, Boom! Studios

[UPDATE July 17]  SIGNINGS ADDED:  Alex Hirsch, Juliet Landau, Cartoon Art Museum: Charlie Adlard, Bill Morrison and more, Felix Comic Art times added, Viz Media: James Wyatt, Natasha Allagri, Authors & Publishers, and More!

[UPDATE July 15]  SIGNINGS ADDED:  Tor, Adult Swim ticketing info, Archie Comics (3 new added), Committed Comics, Fantagraphics, Gallery Nucleus, Comics & Artists, Offsite Conival, and more.

[UPDATE July 1]  SIGNINGS ADDED:  First Second Books, Insight Editions, Authors, Elvira, Image Comics, Titan Comics, Felix Comic Art, Comics and Artists, James Wyatt: Magic the Gathering and More!

[UPDATE July 1]  SIGNINGS ADDED:  Archie Comics, Suicide Squad & Wonder Woman talent at DC, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them talent signing at WB, Lego Batman Movie talent singing: Other

[UPDATE July 10]  SIGNINGS ADDED:  Comixology, Various Comic & Artists, Offsite signings:Star Trek Artists, Shout Factory ticketing info and more!

[UPDATE July 9]  SIGNINGS ADDED:  IDW: Wynonna Earp, Once Upon a Time, Cartoon Network, and Disney Publishing, Offsite

You can also check out our Guide To Autograph Ticket Drawings in the Sails Pavilion for information on how to score autographs from some of the biggest booths.

As we move closer to SDCC 2016, this page will be updated frequently with any new information or news that we find. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

Is there anything we missed? Leave us a comment.

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  • Clark_Ken_T

    Thank you for this, but I always get flummoxed on how to get some autographs. I know that the WB booth signings require you to get in the main line and take that route in the morning when they let you in. The line usually goes down to the harbor.
    But what about AMC and Marvel? How do you get tickets for those events. Maybe a “recommended way to land a ticket” under each major group can let me know what I need to do to get a sig at AMC or Marvel?

  • Kerry

    We basically add the instructions if the booth gives the instructions (so like, on Marvel? There are actually instructions above the signing on that page). AMC gave no instructions – but it’ll be at their booth, and I believe a ticket draw in the morning. Truthfully, any autograph session not happening at WB, Fox, or the Sails Pavilion – will happen at that booth. But EVERY booth has their own rules for like, ticket draws vs no ticket draws, random vs not random, etc. – so we can only provide what they provide.

  • Sonia Lai

    For Marvel’s booth, you have to line up at their booth and draw for a chance at their autograph session on that day. If you don’t draw the lucky ticket, you might wind up with a nice consolation prize of an original art sketch card. You might wind up with nothing. You can try to line up again for another draw at the end of the line, but the booth’s line will be VERY long, even for those who show up early (i.e. lining up outside either the previous night or early in the morning and waiting for the convention building to open where you can then sit another few hours waiting for the convention floor to open). It’s all luck!

  • Nana Artavia

    How long do think the line for Starz/American Gods signing will be? Do you think if I camp the night before Friday I can get on the Game of Thrones line to draw a ticket and then draw a ticket for the American Gods signing, or should I just try for one?

  • abbygail760 .

    go to the booth the day before and ask for instructions for their ticket drawings. The booth might be giving them out in that case you need to get in the convention floor asap to collect a ticket fom them that morning if it is given in the sails pavilion camping out the day before is necessary . ive camped out starting around 4pm and i was quite some way down the line of people

  • greatstone

    In years past, AMC does the ticket draw every day at their booth for the Walking Dead until the last ticket is gone. This can take right up to an hour or so before the signing as they put only one or two good tickets in a bag on 100 bad tickets. My son and I have gone over 20 times through the line and have gotten nothing. Though the first year I was able to get one. For the Marvel, it is the same thing but they draw only one morning for all their signings. It is a mad house in their area and very disorganized as everyone will trying to find where the end of the line is to line up. Marvel goes very quick. If you are not one of the first 200 in line, then most likely you are out of luck as everyone is after these tickets, and also the exhibitors are already inside and are already there to take many of the tickets. I recommend stay away.

  • The Great Leon

    I tried 3 years for GOT, not attending SDCC this year. I was never able to get to pull. I even wasted majority of my Thursday in line for Friday to get in. People often cut or save spots for tons of “Friends” and the security people don’t care to keep things organized. You can be in line early but once they let you in and up to that sails pavilion people get sneaky.

  • The Great Leon

    The security people have no clue how to organize for the drawing in the pavilion. It is sad because once you are at the top people either go outside and cut that line instead of inside and going through the dumb chain that they set up. Too many people cut.

  • Howard Davis

    Any word if Alex Ross will be at Comic Con?

  • Eric Bennett

    hahah I ask the same question every year..I’ve been going 11 years. I’ve never seen him. People at his booth will say, “Maybe”, but I’ve never seen him

  • Eric Bennett

    Sails is dreadful, total waste of time…not worth throwing away a huge chunk of hours

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    I’m not listed on your blog but I’ll be there, and celebrating the tenth anniversary of V For Vendetta the movie at Booth 1907, just across the way from DC Comics. I’ll have sketches for just $10, with the added bonus of an entire introductory volume of my online comics anthology, Aces Weekly, via our code cards. Add me if you can : ) This is David Lloyd, btw : )

  • Clark

    Quick question. If there’s a signing (through Sails) on Saturday at 10am and also a panel in B20 later that afternoon I want, is there any way I could possibly do both?
    B20 is not wristband like Hall H I understand, so any suggestions when to line up for that for Saturday?

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  • marybluefairy

    I know it’s too late for this year, but maybe helpful in general…if your signing is a drawing like WB, tickets may be done pretty early in the morning, which may allow you to get in the line for b20, but you still have to attend the actual signing, which could greatly reduce the time you have allotted for waiting. Every day is different, but depending on what is happening in b20, it can be a loooong line and your only hope is that it clears out before your panel.

  • Clark

    Thanks marybluefairy.
    I did what you said. I went to the Killing Joke screening which finished at 12am then I hit the B20 overnight line, tried for some autographs at Sails (got the Gotham autograph). Once the autograph was done I hit the B20 line and then seat hopped.

  • alberto

    so if you were to go again, would you wait outside or do the same thing?

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