San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Returning Registration Recap: Gone in a Flash

For better or worse, several thousand Comic-Con attendees have their badges for 2017 — and several thousand more don’t yet.

Returning Registration for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 — the badge sale for eligible returning general attendees — took place this morning. The process included use of the EXPO Logic Waiting Room, which has been in place since Comic-Con 2014, and despite a few errors and issues, it was the second-fastest badge sell-out ever for the convention.

So just how did the sale go?

The Waiting Room

The EXPO Logic waiting room opened promptly at 8AM PT, giving attendees one hour in which to enter before the room would randomly sort attendees to buy their badge.

For the most part, this process went off without a hitch for most users. But any time you get a large number of attendees, there’s always going to be some issues — and today’s was mostly the waiting room randomly booting people out.

There were a handful of other issues during this time period, but for the most part, the process was running smoothly.

Luckily, most issues seemed to be confined to just a few individuals — which meant when the sale kicked off at 9AM, we were ready.

The Sale

Shortly after 9AM, those in the waiting room were randomly assigned a placement in line. Just 7 minutes into this process, the sorting was done, and attendees were reporting getting through to the purchase page. In 2015 and 2016, this process took about 10 minutes — so we were already ahead of schedule.

There seemed to be a common theme among attendees — this process was going fast.

Not everyone can be victorious, though. 24 minutes in — which is right on pace with 2015, when it took 23 minutes — Preview Night was gone. Saturday was next at 43 minutes, followed closely by Friday at 46 minutes. Thursday took a bit longer, clocking in at 55 minutes.

And finally, at 58 minutes in  — just a little above 2015’s 50 minutes, and much better than 2016’s 77 minutes — badge sales for Returning Registration were over.

Overview & Next Steps

For the most part, this is what a badge sale is supposed to look like. Mostly error-free, with a quick sale. There are thousands of you who are doing cartwheels in your living room right now — and thousands more crying into a bottle of wine right about now — but

But all hope is not lost, if you weren’t able to get exactly what you wanted today. Open Registration — the badge sale available to anyone with a Member ID — will take place in “early-to-mid April”. During this sale, all badge types will be available (so just because a badge sold out today, doesn’t mean it’s gone forever). So long as you didn’t purchase all four days plus Preview Night, you’ll be able to participate to pick up any days you weren’t able to get today.

Badges will be mailed to the U.S. addresses in your Member ID. Make sure you verify your address by May 18, 2017.

As for all other badge types? We’re supposed to hear more about Professional Registration in late March. Sounds like we’ll get news on Volunteers in “early April”. General hotel sales should be sometime after Open Registration, so we’re likely looking at mid-to-late April or later for that.

Were you able to get what you wanted today? Let us know in the comments.

About Kerry Dixon

Kerry Dixon is Editor-in-Chief of The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog and the site's resident panel guru.
  • perc2100

    Smooth (and lucky) for me. Missed out on PN for only the 2nd time in its existence, but scored 4-day for my 15 year old son and I. This will be SDCCI #18 for me, and #12 (I think) for my 15 year old!
    I also got Sunday badges for my wife and good friend (that’s all they wanted) so it was a great day for my fam!

  • Angela Costello

    So this is my first year as a pro. I managed to score my husband a 4 day badge for returning reg, and I noticed that you mentioned Pro registration is coming up in late March. Is it typically between returning/pre-reg and open reg? I’m just trying to get my timeline in order. This is my 2nd year ever. Last year we got really lucky and scored during open registration. Thanks!

  • Carl Hossli

    I got Thursday and Sunday and I am okay with that. Even if I do not get Friday and/or Saturday during the open sale, all it means is that I have the opportunity to take in all the other events around the -Con that do not require badges. Bonus – I get to try out a new eatery or two. Let me repeat – I AM GOING TO COMIC-CON!! WOO HOO!!

  • KC123

    Got 4 days plus preview night. Right after I hit submit by girlfriends browser said preview night was sold out. Damn lucky! !!

  • Drew

    I got Preview night and all 4 days. WOW. Got in really fast. After bought my airline tickets too. Already had reserved hotel room for 2017 back in July 2016. All set except for roommate part.

  • Pete

    We got in to purchase minutes after it started and got all we wanted. However, someone mentioned their code being invalid. We experienced this for all three members logging in. Once we pasted the login code, it said invalid code. We pressed the login button anyways and were in the waiting room. I wonder how many people didn’t go in because they thought their code was invalid due to some glitch in the system.

  • When I did pro reg (it’s been a few years) they did it before pre-reg + open reg, before the beginning of the year. They require you to send in documentation for your pro status to review, which was the stressful part for me, personally.

  • Hector Flores

    How do you reserve a room a year in advance?

  • OrangeCountyCA4

    I had my brother and his girlfriend’s codes along with mine spinning on three different browsers. I was also in a buying group. Someone in my buying group got in at 9:13am PT and got me a four day w/Preview. I got in at 9:17am PT with my brother’s girlfriend’s code and got my brother and his girlfriend Saturday-only badges (that was all they really wanted) and another friend a four day w/Preview. So yes, we got what we wanted. A second browser got in but late at 9:55am PT. By then only Sunday was available and most of my buying group were already taken care of.

  • Ace Lord

    think im going give on comic con im so sad i wont be going this year or any year maybe like i said i tried going online one time for this badges but its too complicated

  • Mitch

    Not going (yet again) Decided to spend the money on other trips with the boyfriend and Camping in September. Maybe someday I’ll go back again but not this year..