Conan Tickets Available Friday, Better Look at Conan Funko Pop! Figures [UPDATE]

When the Conan dates went up on the 1iota site earlier this week, it was a sign that we’re inching closer to the Conan San Diego Comic-Con taping tickets going up — and today, we’ve got another sign.

[Update June 23]


The Conan website has been updated with San Diego Comic-Con information — and just in time, according to host Conan O’Brien, for them to go on sale this Friday:

Although tickets are not yet available, they did release information on this year’s waitlist process. For those who have attended in the past, this is essentially business as usual — but if you’re new to the wonderful world of Conan at Comic-Con, then listen up.

Each day of the taping (Wednesday, July 19 – Saturday, July 22), you’ll be able to line up for standby tickets if you weren’t able to score tickets in the lottery. At 8AM, around the corner from the Spreckels Theater Box Office, a staff member will distribute wristbands to the first 200 people in line without reservations. Then, you’ll return at a set time, and see if you actually make it into the taping.

For those lucky enough to score tickets through the lottery when they go up, you will also need to head to the Spreckels Theater to exchange your e-ticket for a seat-specific physical ticket. You don’t need to go too early – but you will need to go by a set time. You’ll also need to bring your photo ID, and they claim you’ll need your Comic-Con badge or barcode, but in the past, that hasn’t been the case. You can find more information about their ticketing process on their site.

They also offered up a better look at this year’s Conan O’Brien Funko Pop! figures, which feature O’Brien as a White Walker, Spider-Man, a Jedi, and The Flash. Here’s a better look:

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  • Matt

    What’s the best way to check for updated info on ticket sales? Historically have they been this early or closer to the con?

  • M.Brenn

    Saturday is the 22nd, not 23rd

  • Nathan

    Last year during the first week of July Comic Con sent all registered attendees an email advising of when and how to submit a ticket request.

  • Omer Hasa

    wait what time do they go on sale tomorrow?

  • The last two years, they’ve sent that e-mail about an hour after they’ve gone live. Just FYI.

  • No one knows, but it’s not a first come/first serve thing, it’s a lottery. Last year it was open for about 14 hours.

  • Matt

    Anyone have experience with checking IDs for kids? We have a 15 yo that looks 18 and would love to go if we get tickets!

  • Reagan Phillips

    Wondering the same thing. I have a 16 yo w/ no photo ID…

  • Sunjay Kaushal

    Just wondering do you need a Comic Con badge to attend the taping?

  • Jimmy Chew

    How do you sign up to get an email?

  • keeleon

    Where is it mentioned they become available on Friday?

  • Matt


  • Jimmy Chew

    How do I get the promo code?

  • Reagan Phillips


  • Matt

    I didn’t have one – I just signed up. I got ‘waitlisted’ for my result – anyone else get anything different?

  • Matt

    I just signed up. I got ‘waitlisted’ for my result – anyone else get anything different?

  • Jimmy Chew

    Same here. I just added my comic con id in the comments section

  • SK

    Is joining the wait list the default option? I’m just wondering how good my chances are since I thought everyone would be entered into a lottery.

  • Reagan Phillips


  • RR

    The email was sent to all badged SDCC attendees. If you have a purchased badge, make sure you’ve opted in to receive emails from CCI.

  • RR

    All ticket requests are automatically put on the wait list.

  • RR
  • Benjamin Gonzalez

    Ok, I was freaking out because I did worse with checking my email early this year; I really was not expecting it so soon! The only thing that still lets me cling to some hope is reading on here that it is really a lottery system as opposed to an actual waitlist. But I guess whether or not our secret promo code does make any difference will always remain a mystery.