Funko Reveals No Public Lottery for Preview Night Booth Access for San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Funko always has some of the most sought-after San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, and this year looks to be no different. However, the question on everyone’s minds is, how can they get their hands on these items?

Funko had previously stated that the booth procedures would work very similar to last year (with a Sails ticket distribution on Thursday-Sunday, and a online lottery both for Funko Funatics board members and the general public for Preview Night access), but it appears there will be at least one change this year.

Funko already held a lottery for qualifying Funatics board members (who are also SDCC attendees) to gain access to their booth on Preview Night, and the winners were e-mailed a ticket that gets them in the line to buy their items. Most had assumed that there would also be a public lottery as well, similar to last year, but Yoko McCann, Marketing Manager for Funko, revealed on the Funatics board that this year “there will not be a public lottery for Preview Night.”

When we reached out to Funko last week for clarification on if that meant non-Funatics would be able to enter the Funko booth at all on Preview Night, we were only told that, “We will make an official announcement regarding our SDCC booth procedures soon”. Soon after, though, McCann shared on the Funatics board that “if items are still available after [Funko goes] through the lottery line, the booth will most likely open to the public, time permitting”.

So while attendees who aren’t on Funko’s fan forums potentially aren’t completely shut out on Preview Night, it’s unfortunate that they aren’t continuing last year’s Preview Night lottery access for both Funatics and the public, as it seemed to run very smoothly. Other companies, such as Gentle Giant and Mattel, have in the past offered a first chance to their own club members to score exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con pick-up, but could this be the start of a new trend of limiting booth access on a larger scale?

If you aren’t a Funatic who already won their online lottery, it sounds like your time might be better spent aiming for a Thursday-Sunday Sails ticket distribution option, assuming that stays the same — or maybe just order them off Hot Topic, Barnes & Nobles’, and other shared retailers’ websites on Thursday morning if you don’t care if they have a different sticker. Or maybe we all just need to petition Funko to offer presales with on-site pick-up in 2018.

We’ll share more about their booth procedures when they announce it.

How do you feel about this move? Let us know in the comments.

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  • NYAvsFan

    Funko doesn’t owe anyone anything. If a company wants to reward the people that are active in their specific community that’s their business.

    There are still four days to get into their booth.

  • maxhdrm

    What about this post leads you to believe it’s gossip? gossip is less than proven fact. These are facts of a process for purchasing items and YES funko indeed owes their fans for their very success. To allow “board members” first crack…pphhfff it should be customers first by pre-sale or first come first serve.

    Personally I could care less about a sticker or most of these. I am selective and not a funko addict but I still empathize with convention goers pain. There are better mechanisms that could be put into place but these companies are being jerks about it. Negative character traits in a company are a put off for supporting that business. I say dump them and find another hobby

  • It’s not gossip – we’re basically just sharing the booth procedures that Funko’s own people posted about on their boards. We post this kind of thing on a daily basis.

  • MikeM

    Sorry. I dont see a problem with this. Funko has a right to reward those loyal to their company however they want. Comic con is about TRUE fans. And those true fans deserve an opportunity to not get screwed over by flippers and non-fans. The company is just protecting the people that put them on the map. Nothing wrong with that.

    I realize that not everyone is a flipper, but not everyone is a true fan either. And nowadays comic con is so crazy that people who care about things like Marvel, the Walking Dead, WB, and Funko get screwed because of oblivious people or flippers.

    Plus hey, if they’re going public every day apart from one preview night, that’s more than fair.

  • Joe Baloney

    While I agree Funko has a right to reward anyone they choose, they chose to reward BOARD MEMBERS. If fans need proof that this company doesn’t give a hoot about them, here it is. Boycott Funko

  • keeleon

    Is there something stopping you from joining their Funatics Forum? I would imagine if Funkp was important enough you would be there. I like Funko pops, but obviously I’m not as obsessed as some of these other people who rightfully deserve a chance before me.

  • Annabella G

    Totally agree. It does seem like they are not interested in anything but catering to the board. It sure is an easier path for them to show revenue. This actually is a turn off for me to ever want be a fan.

  • zonkttc

    They are still going to do the “random” see if you win then “random” time slot wristband for thurs-sunday.

  • Crystal Perkins

    I just take a little offense to this, because not participating in a forum doesn’t mean I’m not a true fan. I’ve been buying Pops! since before they were popular, and have over 500 I’ll never sell in my house right now, in addition to subscribing to some of their boxes. Yet, I didn’t have an option for that lottery.

  • MikeM

    1) You can’t blame Funko. It’s really the fault of the lousy eBay poachers who take advantage of the lottery to clear out inventory for everyone else just so they can greedily sell their wares on eBay for outrageous prices to fans like you. Funko is just trying to protect their fans, and this is the only clear objective way to identify hardcores from poachers. If there’s a different way, perhaps you should pitch it to them.

    2) As a true fan, I’m sure you shouldn’t have any issues lining up Thurs-Sunday to get the Pops you need. No one’s stopping you from doing that.

    3) You always have the option to join the forum…just sayin.

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