‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Westworld’ Offsites Coming

In addition to panels for both Game of Thrones and Westworld – HBO will also be hosting offsites for both series.

While details are very scarce for both right now, Game of Thrones looks to be taking over their usual spot by the Omni at 728 L Street. The offsite will be open Thursday, July 20 – Sunday, July 23, with the following hours:

Thursday: 11AM-5PM
Friday: 11AM-5PM
Saturday: 10AM-5PM
Sunday: 9AM-1PM

There will also be an offsite for Westworld, though an exact location isn’t listed. For the Westworld offsite, the hours are:

Thursday: 11AM-8:30PM
Friday 1PM-8:30PM
Saturday 12:30PM-9:30PM
Sunday 11AM-2:30PM

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  • KFC

    these sites should be exclusive to badge holders, keep the no badge scrubs out

  • Anthony DeRouen

    Nah. Those “scrubs” number almost half of who are allowed inside SDCC’s halls. That’s a lot of additional revenue offsites can chomp into.

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  • marybluefairy

    I kinda agree. As someone who has waited in these lines, and is a badge holder, it sucks how long the line is when you know half the people there didn’t go through all the time and expense to get badges, hotel, etc. At the same time, these off sites could extend their hours or make them more accessible to attendees by running after regular con hours. At a recent GOT event in LA, they had timed tickets available online, plus a standby line. I’m a big GOT fan, but even I have my limits.

  • keeleon

    These activations aren’t a “gift” to devoted fans. They’re advertisements. they want hype in as many people as possible. Honestly they’re probably more interested in people who are just randomly in the Gaslamp than con attendees, because they already have attendees viewership.

  • D.Campbell

    For those of us with badges, yes that would make things easier. However, I think the off-site stuff is good for people who couldn’t get into comic con. I always tell my friends that they should come to downtown even if they don’t have a badge as there’s quite a lot to do.

  • Kyle

    Those “scrubs” are the reason SDCC is staying in SD for another 5 years. So you can get over it, or stop going.

  • Elizabeth Ann Bickford

    This says it opens at 11 am on here but on the calendar it says 8 am – do you know what to go with?

  • Daphne Lewis

    I was wondering about that myself…i didn’t make it over there last year so i don’t have anything to go by

  • Cher Delacy

    can you get into GOT experience with out badge. And any word on westword’s one. got badge thurs/fri but wanted to do stuff outside on days we did not get in hall.