Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives [Update July 6]

After Hasbro, Funko may just be the hardest exclusives to get at San Diego Comic-Con — but they’re also some of the best, with a huge array of licenses and cool variants. Funko revealed on their June 5 periscope that the process to get ahold of their exclusives will be similar to last year, which in 2016 involved a Sails ticket distribution for Thursday-Sunday. There will be no public lottery for Preview Night this year, with slots already having gone to qualifying Funko Funatics board members.

Most of their exclusives are shared and available in places like Hot Topic and Barnes & Noble (though with a different sticker).

Here’s a look at their offerings for 2017:

[UPDATE July 6]

Funko’s brand new line of stylized vinyl collectibles, Vynl., will have a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Batgirl + Poison Ivy two-pack.

[UPDATE June 29]

Funko brings two of your favorite HBO shows with them to San Diego as exclusives.


[UPDATE June 23]

A wonderful variety in today’s wave of Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.


[UPDATE June 21]

It’s all Disney, all the time in today’s Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.

[UPDATE June 20] 

Funko is parterning with Rick and Morty for a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Tinkles with Ghost in a Jar Pop! figure.

[UPDATE June 19]

Another Monday, another round of Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives!

[UPDATE June 16]

Did you really think that Funko wouldn’t bring their A-game when it came to TV exclusives? They have more licenses than almost everyone, and today’s sixth wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives is sure to have something to get everyone excited:

[UPDATE June 14]

Today’s Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusive wave is all about DC:

[UPDATE June 12]

You’ll be screaming Happy Happy, Joy Joy at Funko’s fourth wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives:

[UPDATE June 8]

The third wave of Funko SDCC exclusives comes at you with a marvelous punch:

[UPDATE June 7]

Funko’s second wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives is all about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:

[UPDATE June 5]

Funko kicked off their first wave of San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusives, which included their Star Wars exclusives. Here’s a look:

Which Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments.

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Kerry Dixon is Editor-in-Chief of The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog and the site’s resident panel guru.

  • Jason C

    Yeah, let me know how I can reach you so I can get the details about the group.

  • Suzana Nunes

    Sure thing. You can find me on Facebook with this same name (Suzana Nunes) and profile pic or Instagram @ suzana.nature.

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  • Michael Colbert

    I emailed Funko about this. They said announcements will be made during SDCC as to which retailers will have shared exclusives.

  • Michael Colbert

    ohh good tip

  • raybdc97

    Awesome thanks!

  • Christine Hasley

    I’d like in on your “Line Buddy Program”. I have badges for all 4 days and preview night.

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  • Djai Freehugs


  • keeleon

    It’s probably a good thing it’s impossible to get in this line, because I would end up buying one of everything. I can’t afford that nor do I have the room, lol.

  • keeleon

    The REAL exclusives are the ones they give out at Funko Fundays. Those are limited to like 100 and 300.

  • Jennifer Giandalone

    There’s no overnight line just to get to the convention floor. The overnight lines are for Hall H.

  • Clark_Ken_T

    Suzana, I was considering the Funko Lottery this year, but you are saying the odds of success seem to be around 20%?

  • BestDadEver!!

    True, tickets are distributed per day. Only the day of will sell out, not the week. I managed to get two days last year, a bit of a hassle, but 4-5 Indiana Jones made it worth it

  • BestDadEver!!

    11-12am the night before should be good

  • BestDadEver!!

    That is the bad thing, you can wait all night long and not get the pick when pressing the button on the ipad.

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  • maxhdrm

    Try retail and avoid the headache. I’m doing that Thursday release day at hot topic & Barns. If the sticker isn’t an issue I’d be more than happy to pick up any item these retailers will have that you want in exchange for the Saga figure set from skybound or the HeMan Muscle figure/vehicle two pack from Super7. I will be there Friday in advance for the outdoor events. You have a better chance then I on Saturday vs Sunday.

  • maxhdrm

    B&N will actually have product in stores not just online. They tend to advertise via signage in-store about a week before that Thursday. I’ve been to the store first thing every year and picked up the very same item everyone else is losing an entire day over. The only-in booth items are kinda ugly to me so no harm no foul IMO.

  • maxhdrm

    Yaahh that’s not entirely true either. There are limited numbered exclusives that will be sold at their POP-UP retail shop. Not all of them but some of them are limited in number as well. They spread their stuff all over the place.

  • maxhdrm

    reassuring, thank you but I understand that the convention floor is part of the “everything else line” should you chose to try to get tickets for Hasbro or Funko. To attendees even bother by the time Sunday rolls around? I can’t image there is a whole lot left at either both

  • maxhdrm

    I think we need more, many many more to not only “wake up” but to abstain from hitting both Funko and Hasbro booths until they pony up to creating a better process such as pre-order for pick up. It’s not like they wouldn’t sell out before the convention anyway so why not ease consumer relations? I think its time to create a boycotting petition to force the issue but there will always be those who get caught up in the moment. So that leaves us with a lot of emails to deluge their servers. I already emailed hasbro. Neither of these will listen until we email in droves.

  • maxhdrm

    RRRRRRiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhttt! their personally going to announce it pphhfff that was a reuse to keep you from going to the stores. I’ve been in B&N every year around the Con and they always advertise about a week early (in-store) and show what will be there on that day. Don’t trust Funko because if you went to the stores, there would be no mad dash to their booth and it would be an epic fail. Funko can’t dictate how soon the retailer advertises the “summer” exclusives so trust the brick n mortars over Funko

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  • maxhdrm

    Interesting that you managed to take a question (i.e. inferring an inquisitive notion of understanding) as a judgment when most, if not all, of my postings are my opinion. If you’re a fanboy or a profit flipper and consuming up to 10 hours (as Kerry and other bloggers on this site have pointed out) is fine with you, more power to you. I wish you the best of luck. As to MY punctuation, surely you jest? Have you seen YOUR grammar/punctuation in your response? Well we’ll just leave yours at that shall we? Also, here’s a stark reality of our society, Judgment takes place everywhere from Courtrooms, Olympics, costume contests, cosplays, fashion shows, The Emmy’s, The Oscars, etc. It’s a falsehood or misconception to think we could every get rid of judgment.Even at one’s job one is judged through a yearly employee evaluation/review. Our Society lies to itself when it says we shouldn’t “judge” because it happens by everyone for one reason or another. Most (not all) in society just try to cover it up with an excuse. 90% of people employed judge the homeless. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…ryan.

  • maxhdrm

    Hei Hei rocked (no pun intended). I would be more than happy to get one of these for you from B&N or HotTopic? I won’t be down until Friday Morning so I will be able to go by both stores when they open. Let me know. I would rather see others enjoy the convention as opposed to being stressed out because of PR red-tape from Funko. This whole convention should just be fun.

  • Chicora Leigh Adkins

    Yup my husband and I were up at midnite and purchased ours from Hot Topic, Target, and Lunchbox. Barnes and Nobles site was conveniently not working. It kept saying “error” we tried back at 3am and the same thing. I went on it again this morning and of course they were sold out. Oh Well! He got a good 6 out of the ones he wanted. But yes I agree the live online is much better than waiting in the lines at the store just to be told they no longer have anymore. That’s happened to us on a few occasions. This was way less stress. Just set our alarm for midnite, add to cart, and purchased. Bam! Done! I like that they also put a limit on how many you can purchase. My husband is a collector and we work as a team. Never to buy more than one just to sell for a ridiculous price to those who truly appreciate the hobby. Really is upsetting that many of those going to seek these Pops are only in it to resale for triple their cost.