It’s Official: We Have San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Dates

What we reported months ago is now official: San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is set for Wednesday, July 18 – Sunday, July 22, 2018! The Quick Guide was released today, and it confirms next year’s dates:

As of just a few weeks ago, the current contract for Comic-Con to stay in San Diego was only set through 2018. However, after months of contract negotiations to keep San Diego Comic-Con in San Diego past its scheduled 2018 contract, all the way through 2021. So it’s not going anywhere soon.

You might want to put in your vacation dates now.

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Kerry Dixon is Editor-in-Chief of The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog and the site's resident panel guru.
  • Roy Radeka

    And I already have my hotel booked, thanks to your heads up months ago.

  • NiceGuyVan

    is it cancel able and do they charge not or later?

  • Roy Radeka

    Yes & later (up to a certain date, then there would be cancellation fee’s, last I checked)

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  • joshof98

    working on hotel dates as well.

  • Lori Wendy Lynn Seibert

    what’s a decent hotel to stay in

  • Harry

    Hi Lori. You can check out Marriott Vacation Club Pulse. I have a 2 bedroom hotel suite that I will be listing for rental soon.

  • Harry

    The hotel is 1.5 mi from the Convention Center.

  • Lori Wendy Lynn Seibert

    sounds good just let me know when you
    put it up

  • Harry

    Will do.

  • Lisa Almanza Atilano

    I will also be posting about renting out my timeshare condo unit on ebay in a couple of days.
    2 bdrm with full kitchen, 6 miles away from the convention. for 6 people

  • Mary Conoboy

    Hi Lisa,
    My daughter is graduating high school in June and has ALWAYS wanted to go to a Comic-Con. I’m thinking about surprising her with tickets to San Diego. I’m very interested in your 2 bedroom condo. Could you please email me with details and rates:

  • Mary Conoboy

    Hi there, I would be interested in your condo. Could you please email me details?