Sideshow San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives [UPDATE July 1]

Sideshow, the makers of high-end collectibles for some of your favorite licenses, are always one of the most exciting booths at San Diego Comic-Con. This year, they’re back at the con, and they’re bringing several exclusives – which you’re sure to want to break open your piggy bank for.

Last year, they offered  on-site pick-up for their exclusives, and while there’s no official word on if it will work the same, they are doing pre-orders again, so it would seem likely.

Let’s take a look at this year’s offerings:

[UPDATE July 1] 

Sideshow revealed another convention exclusive heading to San Diego Comic-Con this year: Iron Man Mark XLI – Bones (Retro Armor Version). The Hot Toys figure is based on Bones, Tony Stark’s Skeleton Suit that’s part of his House Party Protocol. Bones has the special function to split its armor pieces apart and fly separately, making it the most versatile suit.

Sideshow and Hot Toys have created a “Retro Armor” inspired take on the Skeleton Suit and given it the classic Iron Man red-and-gold finish. The Sixth Scale Figure features over 36 points of articulation, LED light-up functions, a specialized dynamic figure stand, and comes with three pairs of interchangeable hands.

The figure first launched at the “Marvel Age of Heroes Exhibition” in Tokyo, Japan — but you can also score it now at San Diego. The figure retails for $300, and you can pre-order it now for pick-up at the convention.

[UPDATE June 28]

Sideshow is bringing a few artists to hand sign their exclusive prints at SDCC. The Premium Art Prints shown below will be Artist Proofs, not the regular print edition already available. Artist Proofs are a special, industry-recognized subset of a limited edition. They are typically limited in quantity to 10-15% of the main editions, and traditionally reserved exclusively for the artists. However, the artists have agreed to make these highly sought-after Artist Proof prints available to the public, and will appear at the Sideshow booth to meet with fans and hand sign the prints in person.

Pre-orders for the SDCC Exclusive Artists Proofs are open now, but the prints will only be available for pick-up by con attendees during or after the artist signing events at the Sideshow booth, #1929.

Here is the information about each artist, print, and signing time:

Olivia De Berardinis
Thursday, July 20th 11AM–12PM

Wonder Woman: Diana of Themyscira Artist Proof Print
18×24” fine art giclee print

Harley Quinn: Daddy’s Lil Monster
18.5×23” fine art giclee print

Terry Dodson
Thursday, July 20th 2-3PM

Vampirella: A Scarlet Thirst Artist Proof
18×24” fine art giclee print

Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau
Thursday, July 20th 4-5PM
Stan Lau Artist Series Portfolio Artist Proof
Deluxe portfolio with (3) 11×14” fine art giclee prints

Zatanna Artist Proof Print
18×24” fine art giclee print

Adam Hughes
Friday, July 21st 1-2PM
In a Galaxy Far, Far Away Artist Proof Print
24×18” fine art giclee print

Sideshow also revealed they will be bringing an shared exclusive sixth scale figure, the Iron Man Mark XXIII – Shades figure from Hot Toys. You can pre-order this figure now for pick-up during the convention.

[Previous] Sideshow’s first San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is a Prime 1 Studio’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Bust (Blue Version). The 10.6″ bust (that weighs 24 pounds!) is limited to 500 pieces and includes an interchangeable portrait (go from grimace to less-grimace!), and retails for $300. It’s available for pre-sale now for pick-up at the con.

Will you be making a beeline for the Sideshow Collectible booth? Let us know in the comments.

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  • maxhdrm

    Prime Studios makes really REALLY good stuff but they also make really REALLY expensive stuff. Their full size statues tend to range around the $1500 mark so I image even as a bust that this will still hover around $6-700 mark. Maybe not the best place to sell such an item.

  • Alonso Schneeweiss

    I want extremely limited, hot cast bronze statues! Yep – that’s what I want from Sideshow!

  • Dumplingbox

    Last year Comicave Studios had a SDCC limited bronze state of Captain America.

  • Pi Demps

    You’re off on your prices m8. $1500 is nowhere near the Prime 1 average, that’s more for the start of their top-tier items and the mammoth 1:3 pieces such as Mr. Freeze and Croc. I’d say the average price for P1 is more around 900-950 for 1:3 scale and 600-900 for 1:4 scale. As for this bust piece, this won’t go higher than 250 or 300 if it’s a 1:3 scale bust..the same price as the last batman 1:3 bust P1 did.

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  • maxhdrm

    so wait the update was simply a price update with no new editions? Meh to me Busts are a has-been style of the early 2000s. It went Statues Busts Mini status then mini busts and then they all but disappeared in favor of full size statues and prices got crazy. I love the design but Meh, $300 is a large pill to swallow for only a bust when you can get a full size version of DK on the Horse from DC Collectibles for the same price or The DK:III (based off the full size statue) mini statue for $69. Just as nicely palatable without making your wallet scream in agony. Oh and the description is wrong. One option is a grimace and the other is an evil grin as in he is enjoying doing what he is doing.

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  • Carolyn Mitrovich

    Almost all of the prints are already sold out. 🙁