Take the Alien: Covenant Colonist Certification Test at San Diego Comic-Con

Do you think you have what it takes to be a member of the Covenant crew?

Find out at Twentieth Century Fox’s Home Entertainment Booth #3529 at San Diego Comic-Con as they test your mettle in the Alien: Covenant Colonist Certification Test.

They’re not just giving out free hugs for this test. You’ll be required to handle stressful situations like the crew of the Covenant did. Dealing with xenomorphs is not something to be taken lightly, so bring your A-game to show the Weyland-Yutani corporation you’ve got what it takes.

Upon completion of your assessment, you’ll be rewarded with your very own “Colonist Certification Badge” and a set of collectible pins from Weyland-Yutani and the Covenant. Additionally, you’ll have a chance to pre-order your copy of Alien: Covenant on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD and receive one of 500 limited edition lithographs as a gift with purchase while supplies last. Fans can pre-order at the “Colonist Certification Test” Booth #3529 or at the main Fox booth #4229.

The fun isn’t limited to inside the convention center. If you’re downtown during SDCC, you’ll have the opportunity to take photos with the “Secure Egg Transport” that will be traveling throughout the Gaslamp. Employees of Weyland-Yutani will attempt to guard these fragile but deadly eggs while you tempt fate with a selfie. Those that tweet using the hashtag #AlienSweepstakes during SDCC will be entered to win an authentic Alien: Covenant replica (we hope) facehugger. For complete rules visit: Alienuniverse.com/Sweeps.

Do you think you would make a good member of the Covenant crew? Let us know in the comments.

About Andy Wagner

Andy Wagner
San Diego local born and raised in PA. His loves include SDCC, Penn State, and writing.
  • maxhdrm

    Seems a bit odd to advertise or have a pop-up for a movie on it’s way to Blu-ray? I thought SDCC was all about promoting what has yet to come out.Let’s not mention just how bad it did at the box office so this seems like and strange fit to me.

  • keeleon

    That’s exactly why they’re promoting it. It did so bad ath the theaters, they need it to sell well on BluRay.

  • Thomas Geairn

    Love everything ALIEN. Bring it on! ?

  • Daniel Zamudio

    Actually Fox ALWAYS do this, with all X-men movies, they promote their DVD/Blu Ray release, or special edition box sets, this is their thing actually…

  • maxhdrm

    Well I for one am ready to take on Xenomorphs.

  • maxhdrm

    LOL…fair enough

  • Lana A. Taylor

    Loved the booth and the amazing cosplayer who portrays Adam was awesome!!
    but the other employees at the booth were super shady and were trying to sell off give away items…