Warner Bros. San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Bag Designs Revealed

Really, is there anything that gets San Diego Comic-Con attendees more excited than the new Warner Bros. Comic-Con bag designs?

Each year, WB provides bags to every San Diego Comic Con attendee upon onsite check-in, and this year is no different. Remember that as of last year, you now pick these up in Sails Pavilion, along with your lanyard, program, and more.

This year’s bags will feature 20 different designs, including The 100Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, Black Lightning, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Gotham, Lucifer, Riverdale, Supergirl, Supernatural and Westworld, as well as Warner Bros. Animation series Justice League Action and Teen Titans Go!, along with Freedom Fighters: The Ray. Warner Bros. Consumer Products’ DC Super Hero Girls is also showcased.

There will also be bags for Blade Runner 2049Justice LeagueThe LEGO® Ninjago Movie and Ready Player One from Warner Bros. Pictures.

New this year, the bags include  an exclusive DC Super Hero pin for fans to add to their collection – with designs including six DC Super Heroes — including The Green Arrow, Batman, The Flash, Supergirl, Superman and Wonder Woman.


Here’s a look at the pins for the bags:

And here’s a look at the bags themselves:

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  • So many great bags this year!

  • maxhdrm

    WOW!! I gotta have BigBang & Teen Titans. Love these bags. I bow at the awesomeness of the Kerry Dixon Aggregator of all things SDCC. I wanted to buy you a drink but your meet up takes place thursday and I won’t be in until friday so I virtually salute you and say kudos.

  • Jimmy Chew

    Is there a way to get multiple bags?

  • NiceGuyVan

    Yea most ppl leave them on the ground after picking them up. or ask them on the last day or get them from ppl by giving them gift.
    Ive traded lunch for them before.

  • Tara

    If I get either of those, I’d be happy to trade for almost anything else 😀

  • JeezMahony

    Newbie here. Do you get to choose a bag or just take what they give you?

  • NDH

    Take what they give you but you’ll have the opportunity to trade with other people.

  • marybluefairy

    They’re folded up so you can’t really tell what you’re getting.

  • JeezMahony

    Thanks. One more newbie Q. The convention center opens at 6 pm Wednesday, right? So when does everybody usually go get their bags? It never seems like there’s a good time.

  • Diane S

    You take what they give you. Tho if you want to trade bags with someone and they want your bag. SDCC does not care

  • NDH

    You usually get it at the registration area whenever it opens.

  • Shawn Carnes
  • Shawn Carnes

    Made by my wife for WB. She was one of the very first to make dresses out of the bags back in 2007.

  • Jonathan Kuntz

    No WONDER WOMAN?!?!?!?!? Is DC really this clueless? Remember the year DC sponsored capes on the bags, and instead of blanketing the con with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman logos, they promoted a bunch of forgettable TV shows… No wonder Marvel owns SDCC…

  • maxhdrm

    This is my first time in 13 years so I am unsure and because I can’t get in until sunday I guess I would be stuck with whats available but if there is a choice, my family is coming so in theory WE could pick up 4 different onces. I also recall if they had any left and you go multiple days you cold (again in theory) get a new one each day. I doubt the volunteers would remember your face (unless you cosplay) from one day to the next.

  • maxhdrm

    that would be soooooo cool of you. I am looking forward to meeting some new friends and expanding my SDCC portfolio of people I know. You can usually meet some of the nicest people and nerd/geekfests and feel right at home. neo302001@netzero.net

  • Knights Whosayni

    In the past there were some ways to sneak thru the registration to get extra bags, or if you had multiple days and got each badge seperately, but now it seems they are more strict, especially when they were always running out of bags on the last days of the con.

  • Knights Whosayni

    There’s a Justice League movie one that’s not pictured, but it shouldn’t always be about promoting the next big thing, it should be about what the fans want.

  • Jonathan Kuntz

    Exactly — ask 100 fans if they want a Wonder Woman bag or a Riverdale bag — 99 would pick Wonder Woman. They could have done multiple Wonder Woman designs, from all eras. Every kid wants a Wonder Woman bag.

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