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  1. Hello. My name is Chris Thorne and I work for Write Brothers software. We have been an exhibitor at the con for 10 years now. My boss, Chris Huntley is a story development expert and had a very successful panel last year called “Heroes, Villians and Dramatica Archetypes”, and this year he will be doing another session dealing with story structure and development. I wanted to know if you would be interested in interviewing him for the blog? We are also sponsors of the Comic-Con International : International Film Festival. (CCI:IFF). Let me know if we can be of service to you.

    Chris Thorne
    Write Brothers Software

  2. Can you recommend a good resource for planning so we actually *get* a hotel room and a flight? How far in advance? Good places to stay? Not-so-good places to avoid? Etc.?

  3. Hi there!
    I currently own and am looking for ways to add unique comic con related content. I was wondering if you would be interested in possibly joining together and helping me?
    any input is appreciated

  4. Hi_Could you list a schedule of Con Events at-a-glance? Then update it as you receive more info. Do the same for the offsite events….and then list the details below, with links to the each event on the page You’ll save us some time, since there are many to choose from…and thta number is mounting every day! Thanks!

  5. Hi, I have wanted to go for years but was not able to go. I met a lady on the Trolley who said she got a senior ticket. I know there is a senior and active duty military discount, is the senior discount a senior disabled discount like the Trolley has as well as low income housing. I was wondering if they have a disabled discount and I am not sure how to find out. Almost senior ….lol… but love all the shows and have been a science fiction fan for years and write short stories.

  6. are there any tickets going to be made available for Sunday?

  7. If at all possible, please do an in-depth article on the after-math of the changes in the registration system for 2012.

    I was in line at 4 a.m. outside the Hyatt on Thursday morning and was one of the few who scored 4-day, plus preview night passes. Contrary to reports elsewhere, I actually purchased my tickets at 9:30 a.m. Thursday’s alotment of tickets DID NOT SELL OUT at 6 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. or some other randomly made-up timeframe.

    When I left the pre-registration room with my invoices for next year, the graphs at the sides of the auditorium showed that the tickets were only about 1/4 sold for the day. An announcement had gone up that all folks who had made it into the preregistration suite would have an opportunity to at least buy some tickets to some aspect of the con.

    Please if at all possible, try to update the situation on the 2012 ticket situation. I think such a story would be fascinating.

  8. Hi,

    I wanted to apologize for my behavior on Sunday at the Gaslight Pizzeria during lunchtime at the San Diego Comic Com. I was an extremely rude [email protected]#% and would like to say I am sorry to them for my behavior.

    I am sorry.

    Can you also get me to an Official San Diego Comic Com blog or other blogs to send this apology out there.


  9. I am sure that no one would hold it against you, that it was in the heat of the moment. I certainly wouldn’t have held it against you , and believe me I am french, I hold a grudge!! #SDCC on twitter is the best place to go for comic con information as far as I can tell

  10. Do we know how many attendees there were each day, and how many tickets have so far been sold?

  11. Hello,
    I have been to SDCC three times but will be attending Sunday for the first time. Is the exhibit hall just as exciting as the previous days? I hear that on Sunday a lot of the booths begin to tear down early. I have family that are only able to attend on a Sunday so I am hoping that it will be as enjoyable an experience as it would be if they attended any other day.

    Thanks, Bryan

  12. If you hadn’t seen it yet, exhibitors info is up on the official website.

  13. Hi good afternoon, I could tell if outside the sdcc can buy some gifts such as shirts, figures, etc., and which do not have tickets and already had the trip planned, thanks

  14. Comic Con 2012 was awesome. You guys really have it wired. Don’t leave San Diego.

    Click my article and photos.

  15. hello im Lavar Lacy from salina kansas just went to my first comic con it was FRAKING AWESOME!!!!just got a sunday bage for 2013 can we have a chance to get SINGLE DAY Thurs – Sat when the bage go on sale again? 

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    Mitch Politi
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  17. Zombie Apocalypse Store

    Zombie Apocalypse Preview Store in the basement of the Haunted Hotel at 424 Market Street will extend a 10% discount on all merchandise for those with a Comic Con 2013 badge.

  18. Just wondering with all the non comic book related panels and appearance, when do you think San Diego Comic Con will give up the ghost and rename itself San Diego Entertainment Convention or something to reflect what it’s really become

  19. Tried the registration with Epic. Huge mistake as my computer froze and wound up costing me $712.00 to repair as well as several days to reload every program (they were corrupted beyond saving). Epic registration has been hacked, and is continually hacked during the Comicon rush, causing untold loss and suffering to woeful would-be attendees as I am sure I am not the only one to suffer such catastrophic failure only to be left without a working computer, no tickets, and no way to get tickets without a computer. The Epic system is broken and you are hurting people by still using it. Please stop now.

  20. HarleyQuinn_xoxo

    I have a question for San Diego Comic con 2014. I will be a junior when I buy my ticket but by the time comic con is here I will be an which one do I buy?

  21. Here is a question for any of you. I am not the most tech savvy, but I want to be able to follow your twitter subscriptions only during Comic-con on my android cell phone. Is there an easy way to filter out everything but your lists?

  22. Hey, what’s happening for the hour and a half between Marvel Movie panel and DC TV panel?

  23. San Diego Comic Con Star Trek (Theme) After Party. Host John Savage & Blanca Blanco
    John Savage ( Deer Hunter-Firefly-Godfather-Star Trek) & Blanca Blanco (Showgirls II -Spreading Darkness-Star Trek)

    We will be screening the Original Voyager 2 part episode Voyager:Equinox Starring Kate Mulgrew & John Savage and Teaser Trailer.

    FREE PLUSHIE PERK & SIGNED POSTER with VIP Ticket purchase.

    Come Party with the biggest names in Hollywood,and join us for our first LIVE Gofundme Event with Actor John Savage & Blanca Blanco.

    50 VIP Tickets Available. FREE PERKS-STAR TREK THEMED Drink & Food specials. SPECIAL GUEST CINDY PICKETT ( Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Son In Law)

    Special Guests added daily:

    July 23 2014 9:00

    Wear your Star Trek uniform and prepare a monologue for a chance to win a cameo on Equinox:Origins Starring John Savage.

  24. I just went to Comic Con for the first year in NY and I have to say it was amazing. I made this video to encourage others to join the convention. Hope you like it:

  25. I’d just like to say a big “Thank you”! The SDCC Unofficial Blog provides the most timely, accurate & easy to find what you’re looking for info on SDCC on the web. 2 huge thumbs up!!

  26. Ok so I am a first-time Comi-con attendee and I’m trying to organize this trip for me and my dad. I just so happened to make a member ID in enough time for this year’s badge sale, but my father didn’t make a SDCC account for an ID before the necessary deadline. I only was emailed that there even was any sort of deadline like this once the deadline had already passed by a day. I’m frantically trying to find a way to get him a ticket especially since I’m only a junior, what should I do ??!!! Can I somehow buy him a badge now that he has an account but not an approved member ID?? HELP HELP HELP the badge goes on sale in a week!!!!!!!!!!!