Piranha 3D Banned from Comic-Con!

Piranha 3D actor Paul Scheer just confirmed via Twitter that his movie was banned from the con. The reasoning for this is that the clips scheduled to be shown at the panel were deemed “not family friendly” by the con. Read More »

Guide to SDCC – Part 1 – Packing and Arriving

Description: With hundreds of Comic-Con tips floating around the web I’ve decided to mix ours up. It is divided into four parts (Packing + Arriving, Panels, Shopping + Exhibit Hall, and Outside the Convention) and one will be posted daily. In each part I won’t just list out some tips, I’ll also give a strategy of sorts to that part ... Read More »

It’s SDCC Guide week at SDCCBlog.com!

Unfortunately, the editor/author of SDCC Blog (me) is on vacation for the next week. This means that I won’t be able to provide you with up-to-the-minute news or update the Offsite Events guide until I get back on the 17th. All hope is not lost though! Over the next four days the site is scheduled to post a new part of our SDCC Guide. ... Read More »

Thoughts and a Warning for the Saturday Schedule

I’m still too busy to grade the panels but the Saturday Schedule is live and awesome. If you haven’t seen it, Click Here. Unlike Friday, Saturday earns its status as the biggest day of the con. Whether you’re going to Hall H, Ballroom 20, The Indigo Ballroom, or a smaller room, there are some great panels. My big warning is ... Read More »

The Friday Schedule Disappoints (At Least For Me)

I’m on the road today so there won’t be any long posts or news updates. The Friday Schedule is out and overall… I’m a little bit sad. As an attendee who enjoys TV, movies, and games, the interesting panels seem sporadic and often in different rooms at the same time. I know both the Sony and Big Bang Theory panels ... Read More »

Grading The Major Thursday TV and Movie Panels

The Thursday schedule is jam packed with awesome panels but the question becomes which are must see and what can you skip. In this post I’ll break down the major Thursday panels in both Film and TV. After a brief rundown of what is expected I’ll give it a grade between A+ (Must See) and F (Avoid). Read on to ... Read More »

Eight Movie Themed Panels for Those Looking to Avoid Hall H

Yes, Hall H is a magical place. It’s where the biggest movies at Comic-Con go to premiere footage and bring out the star power. It is also packed, sweaty, hard to get into, and huge enough that most people won’t even be able so see the talent on stage. Many attendees (including me) have gotten used to this and spend much of ... Read More »