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SDCC 2018 Hotel Waitlist Set to Begin April 23

Hotelpocalypse is (almost) finally over. E-mails with instructions about this year’s hotel waitlist – which will open on Monday, April 23 – are going out now. Rooms from Hotelpocalpyse were allocated (supposedly, anyway) based on timestamp of when you entered the form to fill out your information, and then assigned in two groups, the last of which was this last Monday. ... Read More »

Warner TV Asia Wants to Fly You to San Diego Comic-Con 2018

It’s not often enough we get to pass on good news for international SDCC attendees, so when we do, it’s a rare treat. Attending SDCC is hard enough for those of us who live within the continental U.S.; it’s even harder for those who live overseas. With factors like time zone differences and extra long flights, international attendees are true ... Read More »

Guide to Parking at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Parking is the last major pre-convention hurdle for attendees leading up to San Diego Comic-Con. Whether you’re a local resident or not staying at a downtown hotel, where you park is very important. Ace Parking (who owns most of the parking in Downtown San Diego) moved to a lottery based system three years ago, and that system is currently under way. You can sign ... Read More »

Hotelpocalypse Recap Round 2: I Don’t Want to Wait

Last Monday, a few thousand San Diego Comic-Con attendees received their hotel placements — and for many, it was good news. Those who didn’t hear back on April 9, though, had a long wait ahead of them, as round two e-mails were not set to go out until today, Monday, April 16. While Round one e-mails went out bright and ... Read More »

I Didn’t Get A Hotel Room – Now What?

Many of you have heard about your San Diego Comic-Con 2018 hotel placement fate. Many of you… still haven’t, and onPeak has announced that round two e-mails are finished. Here’s the good news: Comic-Con said that you would be alerted “no later” than April 23 about hotel waitlist options – and there’s always options on the waitlist. However, if you’re already ... Read More »

Comic-Con Attendees Must Verify Address For Badges to Be Shipped

Comic-Con International has added an extra hoop to jump through this year — so you’re probably going to want to pay attention. Tonight, CCI announced that “in an effort to reduce lost, returned, and undeliverable badges”, they are now requiring that badge-holders “verify” their badge shipping address is a US domestic address the USPS recognizes on or before May 14. ... Read More »

Hotelpocalypse 2018 Recap: Trends, Next Steps, More

Hotelpocalpyse always reminds us of an internet meme – Spiders Georg. For those of you who maybe don’t inhabit the dark corner of the internet that is tumblr, it basically goes something like this: “average person eats 3 spiders a year” factoid actually (sic) just statistical error. average person eats 0 spiders per year. Spiders Georg, who lives in cave ... Read More »