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Professional Registration for San Diego Comic-Con 2024 Opening Soon

While many Professionals are still awaiting on their application status if they were Due, for those who are Not Due… Professional Registration is just around the corner.

Comic-Con International revealed today that Professional Registration will open on Wednesday, November 15. No time was given, but traditionally registration events open at 9 or 10am PT.

Professionals will have through June 28, 2024 to register for themselves and their guests. It’s a guaranteed badge, so you only need to register by the deadline — you don’t need to hurry. However, in order to have your badge shipped to you instead of picking up on-site, you’ll need to register by May 13, 2024.

For those who are still waiting to hear back on their Professional application/renewal status, Comic-Con has also indicated that you’re not likely to hear back prior to Open Registration, which is set for November 18. If you’re concerned about being approved, we recommend purchasing a badge in Open Registration, and then refunding it later if you’re approved for your Professional badge.

To register, simply follow the directions on Comic-Con’s site.


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