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The Very First SDCC Blog Giveaway

UPDATE: The contest has ended and the winners have been notified. A big thanks to all who entered!

As we here at SDCC Blog cleared out all the free Comic-Con swag that we didn’t want, some really cool stuff popped up. Thus we have decided to give away the best free swag we found in the first SDCC Blog Giveaway! We even decided to make it more exciting by giving away two swag packages with two different ways to enter. There is no purchase necessary and it costs absolutely nothing to enter or win. The only rules are that you must live in the Untied States and that you can only submit one entry per prize package. So what are these prizes and how do you win them?

The first package consists of a giant Warner Brothers Bag from last year’s con. In case you haven’t been to SDCC in the last two years, these things are huge and really popular. The one we are giving away has a Fringe design on one side and a V design on the other. Here are some pictures:

And here’s a reference pic to get an idea of the size: (note: this is a different design, the one we are giving away is pictured above)

To enter to win the WB bag you must do three things. First, if you don’t have a Twitter, sign up (it’s easy and free). Second, follow @SD_Comic_Con on Twitter. Finally, tweet the message: “Enter the @SD_Comic_Con #SDCC giveaway:” You can either copy and paste the message or RT it as I will be tweeting it from @SD_Comic_Con. The contest ends on June 21st and a random tweet will then be chosen.

The second prize package is just as awesome and even easier to win! The first item in pack #2 is a limited edition Iron Man shirt. This shirt has a glow-in-the-dark Arc Reactor chest piece on the front and the Iron Man logo on the back! It was never sold outside of SDCC and trust me, the glow-in-the-dark is very fun. Take a look:

In addition to the Iron Man Shirt we are going to stick in an SDCC exclusive Star Trek shirt. This shirt was given away at the Paramount Panel in 2008 to promote the 2009 film. It’s a simple design but still a good shirt for any fan of the series or movies. An interesting thing to note is that these shirts were made before the release date was pushed back 5 months so the back lists a release date of December 2008. This is not a big thing for most people but considering the movie wasn’t released until May 2009, it’s a fun collectible for fans. Take a look:

To win this prize pack all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. We will be choosing a comment randomly so write whatever you want (that’s within reason).  The only thing to note for this prize package is that you must use a valid e-mail when filling out the comment form (as that is how the winner will be contacted). Just like for the other prize, the contest ends and a winner will be chosen on June 21st.

So leave your comments and make your tweets. Good luck!

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