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Introduction to Comic-Con 2010!

Welcome to’s coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2010! This year’s convention looks to be huge as more movies, TV shows, and comics will be at the SDCC then ever before. We will work hard to try and cover every aspect before and during the convention. This post is to introduce you to the schedule for the next two weeks. We plan to provide you, the reader, with a great introduction to SDCC by giving you 6 posts that will encompass what we know about the con so far. In addition, we will be posting any news or exciting happening related to the con throughout June and July. Here is the current schedule (subject to change):

Thursday, June 10 – The New TV Shows of Comic-Con 2010 – We take an in depth look at each network’s new shows that will be attending this year’s con and give our analysis on which panels you should make a priority.

Friday, June 11 – The Movies of Comic-Con 2010 – Part 1 – We discuss what movies are confirmed to be at SDCC and what they might have in store.

Tuesday, June 15 – The Movies of Comic-Con 2010 – Part 2 – A look at what films have the possibility of being at the con. We speculate and give the likelihood of many films whose SDCC plans are not yet known.

Wednesday, June 16 – The Returning TV Shows of Comic-Con 2010 – Part 1 – With so many TV shows returning to the con, we were forced to divide them up into two parts. in this post we discuss the first batch of shows that are confirmed to be at the con this year.

Thursday, June 17 – The Returning TV Shows of Comic-Con 2010 – Part 2 – We take a look at the second batch of shows that have been confirmed and give our opinions on what they will be doing at the convention.

Friday, June 18 -The Comics of Comic-Con 2010 – We take a look at the major comic arcs and events that you will be hearing about during SDCC. Covering DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse, this is the complete analysis of what comic-themed panels at the convention will be talking about.

And that’s it for now. We hope you enjoy these articles and feel free to leave a comment with any other stories you want to hear about in the future!

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