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Photos and Info on all the Transformers Collectibles and 90s X-Men Minimates

Two bits of news that any X-Men or Tranformers fan should check out.

First, Botcon (The Official Transformers Convention) was held this past week and Hasbro was there to show off all their Transformers products. This included the first pictures of the Autobot Blaster figure that includes his cassettes, Steeljaw, Ramhorn, and Eject. Take a look:

They also unveiled a Mighty Muggs Prowl that will be an SDCC exclusive and retail for $15. Here’s a photo of that one:

Both look awesome for any Transformers fan. (Thanks to for the pictures and info)

Entertainment Earth unveiled a 4-Pack of Marvel Minimates 1990s X-Men. They cost $17 for the pack of four and look exactly like their 90s characters. Here’s a photo:

Collectible, fun, and interestingly retro, they’re a good addition to anyones X-Men or Minimates collection. They are available for pre-order here.

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