The Returning TV Shows of Comic-Con 2010 – Part 1

Just as new shows like to generate early buzz at the con, returning shows are known to please their fans with stars and footage from their upcoming seasons. In this post I took a look at what shows will be making a return appearance at this year’s con. This is not the full list of who will be attending, just the ones that have already announced they will make an appearance. Take a look:

American Dad – This Republican-themed Family Guy clone may not appeal to most, but Simpsons fan attend the panel yearly and that’s just the audience Fox wants.

Archer – Spy spoof and surprise hit, this FX show is preparing for its second season and the panel should be a hit with Adult Swim and It’s Always Sunny fans.

The Big Bang Theory – A con staple returns as it ramps up for its fourth season. Expect another fun panel in Ballroom 20 with all the stars in attendance.

Bones – With a steadily growing cult following, this Fox Crime-Comedy has very likable stars that are likely to have their first con appearance. It might not appeal to an average attendee, but the show has some dedicated fans that are sure to flock to the panel.

Burn Notice – This explosive and action packed show is set to make its sophomore appearance at this year’s SDCC. Fans of the show loved last year’s panel so expect another crowd-pleaser filled with stars, footage, and giveaways.

Castle – Yes, this romantic comedy crime show seems like an odd fit for the con, but star Nathan Fillion is sure to appear and draw in many attendees. Fans of Bones will also head to the first-panel for this ABC show but most attendees will probably steer clear.

Chuck – Improving with each and every season, Chuck has an epic panel at each year’s con. Filled with every star, clips of the upcoming seasons, and big surprises, the panels have always had an amazing response and any viewers of the show should put this at the top of their TV Panel priority list.

Clevelend Show – Much like American Dad, this show hopes to rope in Family Guy and Simpsons fans, but a special SDCC themed episode (the season finale) might help draw in other attendees.

Dexter – The Showtime show with a massive following returns to Comic-Con for another panel. Expect massive fan turn out and hopefully an appearance by the show’s star Michael C. Hall.

Eureka – Eureka is a Syfy channel scifi-comedy that has a yearly presence at the con with fun panels that include the cast and crew.  Syfy knows how to please their fans and the panel for this show always does.

Family Guy – The second biggest Fox animated comedy (after the Simpsons) is sure to bring the voice actors and creative crew back to San Diego for another year.

Fringe – A sci-fi detective show that alternates between a mystery of the week and an evolving mythology? Yes, Fringe is a modern version of the X-Files. Though not as much a classic as that show, it still is strong, smart, and worthy of its large fan base. A perfect fit for the con, expect Fox to once again fill up Ballroom 20 with a big panel for the show.

Human Target – This comic-book adaptation debuted at last year’s con with a moderately positive reaction and went forward to barely scrape its way to a second season. Still, the show returns to SDCC hoping to rope back in viewers it might have lost over the course of Season 1 and please its dedicated fans. Con favorite Jackie Earle Haley should also make an appearance.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow to hear about the rest of the shows!

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