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The Returning TV Shows of Comic-Con 2010 – Part 2

Here are the rest of the shows that have already schedules appearances at SDCC:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – A bresh of fresh air in a world of sitcoms, this FX comedy is gleefully odd and very hilarious. The show’s first panel was a big hit at last year’s con and attendees can expect another hilarious panel with the whole cast in attendance.

Mythbusters – A fan favorite returns to the con with hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Expect some on stage stunts in addition to footage of upcoming myths. An SDCC exclusive Myth would also be a welcome and great possibility.

Psych – Part CSI parody, part buddy comedy, and part serious detective show, this USA series has been steadily gaining fans through it’s run and made it first SDCC appearance last year. Now they return hoping to please their fans with even more of what made last years panel a hit. Expect behind-the-scenes clips, a funny cast Q+A, and even more prizes and giveaways than last year.

Simpsons – The television classic returns to the con for another panel. Expect series creator Matt Groening to make sure the panel provides fans with an awesome time.

Smallville – This CW Superman origin show is now entering its last season and expect a great panel to send off the show and thank all the fans that have kept it on the air.

Sons of Anarchy – FX has been steadily increasing the quality of this show and fans are taking note. Its viewership might not be huge, but they are sure to flock to this show’s first panel at the con.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand – This Starz original series instantly gained a following during its first season with a mix of campy stories and high-budget action. Now it makes its first appearance at the con with the entire cast in tow.

Supernatural – A cult hit by any measure, Supernatural has a fan-base that absolutely adores it. Expect this years panel to provide some serious fan service as these rabid fans fill Ballroom 20 to its capacity once again.

Stargate Universe – The Stargate franchise has been a con staple for many years so it only makes sense that Syfy would bring back SGU as it prepares for its second season. Hopefully Syfy can please its core fan base with the panel for this show that many found wavering in quality.

True Blood – True Blood has become a surprise hit at the con with a jam packed panel last year. Now they return with hopefully stars and exclusive footage like they had last year.

V – Barely scraping by for a second season, V returns to the con with less of a positive buzz then last year, but still some loyal fans. Hopefully the stars of the show will be in attendance (as they were last year) and ABC can get people excited for Season 2.

Vampire Diaries – CW had a mostly positive reaction when they premiered the first episode of this series at last year’s convention. They return this year hoping to please their fans with stars of the show and maybe some footage of season 2.

White Collar – This comedy-crime show is not a massive hit by any means and it doesn’t seem like the show that most attendees would watch. But after USA has had hit panels with Psych and Burn Notice last year, they are testing the waters for this similarly minded-show. We will see in July if it is successful.

Check out Part 1 here if you missed it.

Which panel do you want to see the most?

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