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Review: The Green Hornet’s Garage

I was going to review the experience of riding in Black Beauty (the Green Hornet car), but unfortunately I was unable to. When I arrived at the designated spot the employees said they couldn’t drive the car after dark because of its green headlights. Thus, I was stuck in the garage and couldn’t ride the car. Still, the garage was an interesting experience.

You could tell Sony put this together really quickly because all they basically did was get a few cool cars and stick them in a building. There were some TVs scattered around too but they just played the 2 minute trailer on repeat (and some even had screwed up aspect ratios). Every person received a T-Shirt for “Brett Reid’s Garage” (the main character of the film) and they are perfectly fine but a bit boring. The reason I have so little to say about the event is that there really wasn’t much to it without the ride. I saw a few cool cars, got a shirt, and that was it. The employees promised that rides will be available every other day since the event only runs until 5 from now on. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit a return visit in my schedule but if anyone does end up going, make sure to tell me how it is!

Take a look at some pictures I took at the event:

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