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Scott Pilgrim Screening Description and Details on How to Attend One

Everyone at the Scott Pilgrim panel today got a huge surprise when Edgar Wright announced on stage that a portion of the audience will get to see the completed version of the film a mere hour from when the panel ended. Read on for what went down.

An assortment of buttons were handed out at the start of the panel and when Wright announced that only attendees with a certain button design could go to the screening, some hearts were crushed and some (like myself) were instantly lifted. After confusion on the location of the theater, a huge group of people composed of the button-holders finally made there way to the Balboa theater for the screening.

Cameras had to be checked and free popcorn was quickly handed out as attendees streamed into the theater and a DJ spun music on stage. Then at eight the movie started and suffice to say, minds were blown. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is my favorite movie of the year and should appeal to every attendee. I plan to write a full review when I get more time (Sunday at the latest) but I just wanted to let you guys know you should really see this movie.

In addition they had the entire cast come out after the screening to thank everyone. Finally, the band Metric, who wrote a song for the film, came on stage and played a mini-show for the entire audience. It was an amazing night and though you won’t be able to experience the whole thing, you can still get into a screening at the con.

Edgar announced that they will be holding two more screenings before SDCC is over. One Friday at 6:30, the other Saturday at 6:30. Both of these don’t require any tickets or special requirements but you will have to wait in line if you want a seat. The Balboa theater is pretty big but I’m expecting both of the screenings to be a completely full house. If you have the time though, I highly suggest waiting in line. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World just became the hottest thing at Comic-Con and it would be terrible to miss out on.

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