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The 5 Weirdest Moments of Comic-Con 2010

Though Comic-Con is an awesome place, it is also an odd place. People from every background and part of the world fill San Diego with costumes, experiences, and events that couldn’t happen anywhere else. In this post I’m counting down the five weirdest things that happened to me at SDCC this year.

  1. Drunk Zombies – After a very busy Saturday at the con I sat down at a Japanese restaurant to have some dinner. Just as I started eating, a man and his girlfriend come in with full-on zombie makeup on. Bloody eyebrows, bleeding faces, the whole shibang. They were looking to use the bathroom but unfortunately had to purchase something to do so. Thus they ended up at the bar buying multiple beers and further increasing their already noticeable intoxication. As they joked with the bartender and sushi chef in a half-brained way it became obvious this was a pure Comic-Con experience. It was a fun way to cap off the day and definitely something I had never seen before.
  2. Floating Bubble People – Though Skyline’s panel didn’t generate much buzz, their marketing around the con definitely sparked some interest. They set up a bubble machine that created human-shaped bubbles and sent them into the sky. These would pop when they were too high and people around the convention center were fascinated. It was totally eye-catching marketing and many people, including myself, were both intrigued and freaked out. LA Weekly snapped the picture above.
  3. Stabbing Cosplay and Signs – It took a full 12 hours but by Sunday morning people were already busting out their costumes and signs relating to the Hall H stabbing. Signs included the popular “Take My Seat, Just Don’t Stab My Eyes” and the slightly mean “Save Ink, Use a Lightsaber.” Funny or Die captured this costume and posted it to their Twitter. The sign on the right expressed most people’s opinion on the matter.
  4. Homeless Men Benefiting from SDCC – There are tons of articles about how much the San Diego economy benefits from the con but this year I saw two ways the city’s homeless population were also feeling the love. The first is when I was walking around the back of Flynn’s Arcade on Friday and saw the guard giving a homeless man all the Coke Zero cans that had been consumed the night before. Because this was the only drink available there were literally hundreds and hundreds of cans. Huge trash bags full of them were loaded onto the man’s cart and Flynn’s definitely made his day. The second was when I waited in line for the Scott Pilgrim Experience. After getting my piece of free garlic bread (which was quite good), I noticed two homeless men walk up to the truck. They were happily served and I could see they really enjoyed the meal. Job well done SDCC.
  5. AT&T’s Made Up Network – As everyone on AT&T quickly noticed, their service at Comic-Con sucked. Being used to AT&T failing me at my time of need, I found this mostly expected and I wasn’t too sad. What weirded me out though, was when I checked to see how many bars I had on Saturday morning and found that an “o” symbol had replaced the 3G/E that is always located at the top of my iPhone. Though it reverted back to the normal “3G” symbol after a locking and unlocking, It still sufficiently confused and amused me. Here’s a screenshot I snapped:

Did you have any weird experiences at this year’s con? Share them in the comments.

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