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Why You Should Still Be Excited for the Green Lantern Panel

The first photos from the Green Lantern movie were released this week (see them here) and man am I dissapointed. The costumes, choice of actors, special effects, and makeup all look absolutely awful. I intend to stand in line for the WB movie panel all the same. But why?

Well first of all, they’re pictures in a magazine. Who knows how much photoshopping magic went into them. Entertainment Weekly could have changed colors and looks to fit in with the magazine’s layout and the work of a brush tool is very visible in the cover.

Second, they’re only photos. It’s incredibly hard to judge costumes and special effects when they aren’t in motion and though I hate it now, the CGI costume could look awesome on video. The first footage has been confirmed for SDCC and I think it can really change my opinions. Even if the supporting characters look bad in a specific pose, a great clip of them could completely turn it around.

Finally, the buzz is huge. Rumors are everywhere that an amazing first trailer is in order and the one thing that most insiders confirm is that you won’t want to miss the panel. WB knows this is where they need to impress and have yet to disappoint. I’m guessing they finalized some special effects for the con and it’s very unlikely they will let this big-budget film get unfavorable opinions from con-goers.

The first photos definitely didn’t make me happy, but I have high hopes for the Green Lantern panel and I fully expect it to deliver.

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