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New TV Updates and Hall H Hubbub

A few announcements on the TV front:

– Discovery Channel told TV Guide that they’d be bringing their new shows Penn & Teller Tell a Lie and Reign of the Dinosaurs, along with con favorite Mythbusters, to SDCC this year. P&T is basically the two guys proving crazy things, Dino is super awesome dinosaur animation, and Mythbusters is more, well, busting myths. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mythbusters has its first Ballroom 20 panel but expect the new shows in smaller (and easier to access) rooms.

– On the returning TV front we have a few more confirmed shows: Chuck, Children’s Hospital, Community, and Torchwood. None too surprising but I’m happy to have them all back.

– The new JJ Abrams / Johnathan Nolan CBS thriller Persons of Interest also announced it would have a panel. The trailer is intriguing and the talent is amazing, so I’m really happy it’ll be at the con. Not as SciFi/Fantasy as other shows, but I certainly think a screening of the pilot, if it’s good, could have just as big an impact. Also expect Lost star Michael Emerson at the panel.

Whedonopolis is once again holding a screening of the musical Buffy episode, “Once More With Feeling.” They do this every year to end the con and it’s always a hit. The two big things that are change this year though, are the time and location. It’s always the last panel of SDCC, but this year When Nerds Attack confirmed it won’t be until 4pm. This is a few hours later than previous year and a big hint that Sunday may be growing into an almost-full size day of the con.
The other big bomb shell is that the panel will be in Hall H. A couple TV panels have filled it before (Lost, Heroes) but not a single one was in it last year and this is big news. Not only will Hall H be running on Sunday (which it hasn’t in the past), it’s definitely a sign that it’ll feature more TV programming. We’ve already heard that less movies will be attending in 2011, and last year many attendees agreed it was time for the more popular shows to move into the Hall. Hopefully this means that the 3+ hour Ballroom 20 line that many suffered through in the past will be cut down. But which will be in it? I’d say the final Chuck panel ever, The Big Bang Theory, and maybe a few others. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon.

What shows do you think could fill up Hall H?

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