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Getting Ready For SDCC: Four Months And Counting…

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If you were fortunate enough to survive gauntlet of the recent badge sales and the hotel lottery, then let me be the first to say for all your bleeding, you deserve a Purple Heart. There have been more references comparing it to The Hunger Games then a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Unfortunately, there is no rest for the weary. As you veterans know, planning is the key to making the most of your four days in San Diego. So even though four months seems like a long way off, there are a few things to prepare for now.

1. Passes
If you still lack passes to this year’s Con then obviously this is your first and only priority. A number of badges are refunded during this period opening up a ‘resale’ sometime in the future. In the past it has been in May/June but you will just have to be on your guard. Make sure to get your Member ID to be notified via e-mail. Please know the resale will be even worst than the normal badge sales so don’t make any other non-refundable arrangements until badges are acquired.


2. Hotel
Similar to badges, there will be a hotel resale March 12th at 9 (PT). They will go quickly as well so you have to be on at 9:00 sharp to have a chance. It’s most likely that Gaslamp hotels won’t even be available since many peeps were put on wait lists for them. Read more on the Comic-Con website. Twitter is a great resource to search for hotel opportunities and those offering deals (but use good sense).


3. Parking
The last piece of the planning puzzle is parking. In the past, pre-paid (non-refundable) parking was available for lots all around the Gaslamp including the Convention Center that ranged from ($10-25). If you are driving in to SD this is a MUST. Otherwise you waste too much time driving around looking for parking (and paying too much). It’s unknown when parking will open but I am assuming within the next month or two. I am also assuming The Permit Store will handle parking again but that could change.

4. Budget
This will range based on how you typically roll. Speaking to my fellow frugal minded (aka: cheap) attendee, you don’t need to save a lot for this event. After the cost of the badge, the rest of the events in and most around Comic-Con are free. You will have to pay for signings, pedi-cabs, and of course any memorabilia you buy on the showroom floor. If you eat cheap daily, you can get a away with just $100-$200 for the four days easily. I encourage splurging while you are there since it’s not guaranteed that you will be able to return again- but then again, I’m not your momma either. However, no need to stress if you don’t have a lot to work with.

walkdead5. Extra-Curricular Events
For you ‘high rollers’ who are dropping $200 for a Boba Fett bust that will sit on your shelf collecting dust till the end of time, you might also consider participating in some of the paid events. Not a lot has been posted just yet but the most prominent one right now is The Walking Dead Escape at Petco Park. There is no better way to spend $75 than being chased down through 3 stories of a zombie infested baseball stadium. For the athletically averse crowd, you can also be a ‘walker’ for the same price. Course For the Force, sponsored by Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist, is pre-con event that leads up to Preview Night. It’s another running event for those interested. What’s the deal? Does everyone thing we nerds are out of shape? (Okay let’s be honest, who are we kidding?)

SAMSUNG6. To cosplay or not to cosplay?
’Cosplayers’ (costume playing) is what makes Comic Con so special. If you are a veteran, then you know the hard work, time, and the expense of making your own costume. Buying a pre-made costume at the Halloween store is kinda considered lame (except high-end products) so unless you have some crafting skill then you might leave it to others. If you are new to cosplay then check out the “5 tips to Cosplay” video. If you want to dress to impress then you need to start working on your costume right away. Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate- just be sincere and original.

7. Feet, Bags, and Shirts
Quality footwear is a must. Quality footwear is a must. Quality footwear is a must. As much as I want to wear my heels to Comic-Con showing off my well sculpted Asian calves, I know I would regret the day I was born just after a few hours. Start shopping and spend some money on some comfortable shoes. The right type of bag is also important to figure out. Whether it’s a backpack, slingbag, laptop bag, or swag bag, don’t wait till the week of SDCC to make your choice. Consider size, space, ease of access, etc. It will be your closest companion during your four days so choose wisely. Lastly, it’s not too early to start designing your ‘nerd wear’ for the week. SuperheroStuff and StylinOnline are some of my personal favorites. Be loud, be proud.

There are many more details to prepare in the coming months so keep your Twitter eyes open for more posts (tech, what to pack, how to plan, restaurants, etc). I know there are many knowledgeable veterans out there so please leave a comment about how you are preparing four months out from the the big week.

What are you doing to prepare? Let us and your fellow readers know in the comments.

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